4 Things to Look for in a Business Coach

In my opinion, every entrepreneur needs a coach. You can learn so much from someone who has done it all before. You don’t have to worry about trial + error or guesswork, because your coach tells you exactly what you need to know! Plus, your coach will push you so you continue to expand. There have been so many times that I initially set my goals lower than I should have, and my coaches have pushed me to reach to the stars — and it happened! Energetically, it’s crucial to invest in coaching for your business. This is your message to your universe that you know your business is going to continue growing.

But, before you go looking for a business coach, there are some important things to keep in mind. I’m sharing the top things you should look for when finding the perfect business coach for YOU:

1. They’ve actually built the type of business you want to build.

Just because someone calls themselves a business coach doesn’t mean they are good at business. Before hiring a business coach, make sure you look into their background! What businesses have they actually built? What type of businesses were they? Were they actually successful? You need to make sure that your coach has worked with others and understands your industry. You wouldn’t hire a corporate business coach if you’re a health coach. If they don’t know how to coach your industry, you’re wasting your time AND money! Unfortunately, there are a lot of coaches who weren’t truly successful with their businesses who then shifted to business coaching… probably not who you want to “learn” from.

2. They’ve built their business the WAY you want to build yours.

If a potential business coach doesn’t have experience building businesses the way you want to build yours (whether that’s through referrals, group programs, etc.) how much can they really help you? A coach should be able to advise you through basically every area of building a successful business. If they have no experience building a business the way you want, they probably won’t be much help. For example, I’ve built my business through organic, free marketing, mainly through Instagram and my podcast, + referrals. If that’s the way you want to build your biz, then you’ll probably learn a lot from me. However, if you’re looking to build your business through Facebook ads or Google ads, then I’m not your girl. See what I mean?

3. They have a good network.

A network is SO important for any coach to have because it’s a way for you to gain connections! A business coach with no solid connections in the industry will not be able to introduce you to anyone who can help you build your business. If someone doesn’t have a good network, it’s a HUGE red flag. IF they really have built a similar business, and connect with others, they should have a list of people to refer you to.

4. They genuinely care about your success.

Making sure you truly connect with your coach and feel supported is VITAL for your business to grow. You could hire a coach that gives you some steps to follow and isn’t involved, or you can hire a coach that walks through the journey with you. That doesn’t mean hand-holding – you should feel empowered AND supported. Your business coach should be able to show that they care about your success and be willing to invest their time and energy into your business because they believe in you. If your energy doesn’t match, you’re going to have a hard time feeling inspired, driven, and encouraged to do more for your business.

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