5 Signs You Need to Raise Your Prices

Ohhhh, pricing! Almost every client I work with needs to raise their prices. When you understand that money is an energetic exchange, and that your pricing reflects a container of EXPANSION for your clients, you realize how much changing your pricing can accelerate client results, raise your energy, and build confidence for everyone. Here are the top 5 signs you need to raise your prices in your business.

1. You’re burnt out.

You’re working all the time and have no free time in your schedule. That’s draining your energy, preventing you from showing up fully for your clients, and stopping you from having the space to bring in more money! It’s time to raise those prices so you can see less clients and facilitate better results. By clearing up space in your day, you are also clearing up space in your mind. This allows you to show up more for yourself, your clients, and others in your life. Work is important but it shouldn’t be your entire life! And your clients are paying for you to show up at 100%, not halfway-charged.

2. Clients don’t “show up.”

If your clients literally ghost you / don’t show up for sessions, then you definitely need to raise your prices, but what I really mean is that they don’t show up for themselves. Clients who show up for sessions, pay on time, and take action on what you recommend are the clients that are worth your time and energy. The clients that show up fully want results, help, and are dedicated to your services. When they have more skin in the game, they’ll be motivated to show up mentally and physically.

3. Your clients aren’t getting the results they should be.

Clients who invest more in the transformation typically get much better results than those who invest less money, even if they’re paying for the same thing. Investing in yourself is an energetic statement that you are worth it and that you are ready to get results. Every time I’ve raised my prices, I notice my clients get much better results, and my clients & colleagues have all experienced the same. There is a mindset shift that not only are they worth the exchange, but they are dedicated to getting their money’s worth.

4. You resent your clients.

Do you find yourself a little annoyed when clients ask you certain questions or when you have to do outside work for them? This is often a result of you not feeling like you’re being properly compensated for your work. Many people in this position feel like their time is not being valued or spent properly – they might put in X number of hours in and out of session but either don’t feel like it’s appreciated or it’s not taken seriously. When you raise your prices and are paid what the transformation is worth, no more resentment! You’re EXCITED to answer your clients!

5. No one says “no” to your pricing.

If everyone says yes, then it’s time to up those prices! When you don’t have people saying no or pushing back on your prices, you risk falling away from your “ideal client” and settling for anyone that is interested in your services. This can eventually lead to step 4 above – resentment. You know the ideal client you want to work with and how much you think you should be getting paid. If you don’t, take the time to sit down and think about who your ideal client really is and how much you actually want to be making.

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