5 Simple Ways to Embrace Your Feminine Energy

We all have both masculine and feminine energies within us, but many people get “stuck” in their masculine energy due to today’s go-go-go, logic-driven society. To unlock your full potential and become an effortless manifestor, the key is to embrace your feminine energy. Feminine energy encompasses everything to do with receiving  and going with the flow of life – which are SO important when striving for success in relationships, business, and other aspects of life.

But, when life gets busy (as it often does,) it can be easy to push self-care and receiving to the back burner and feel as if you’re doing anything BUT going with the flow (unless “going with the flow” involves exhausting, long hours of work and LOADS of stress.) 

The truth is, neglecting this energy may help you get something done in the moment, but will NOT help you in the long run – it will do the opposite. 

Stifling the energy your body craves is exhausting in itself – and we tap back in to our feminine energy when we sit back, enjoy, and let our bodies and souls restore. To get started, here are 5 simple ways you can start embracing your feminine energy…

1. Buy yourself something. 

If you’re struggling financially or feel like you have anything BUT the time to go shopping at the mall, hear me out – this tip can help renew your energy so much that it’s worth dropping the twenty bucks on a shirt that makes you feel good or new stickers for your planner that you love. When you spend money on yourself, you affirm that you are valuable to you – and YOU is the most important thing for you to value! You can’t feel confident in your work or decisions if you do not view yourself as worthy of things you like. One of the fastest and easiest ways to embrace your feminine energy is to buy yourself something that makes you feel good. Maybe it’s a fancy latte, a cute new shirt, an online course you’ve been dying to check out, or, a book you’ve been wanting to read – anything that helps you acknowledge that YOU are worthy and enough. Anything that allows you to ENJOY! 


Don’t worry, no one has to see if you don’t want them to! Go in your room, blast the music, and let your body move the way it wants to. Have fun, relax, and above all, get your blood pumping in a fun way that makes you feel great. Dancing is a perfect way to feel sexy and beautiful, and naturally boosts your endorphins (the happy hormone,) making it an incredible activity to do when looking to embrace your feminine energy. Pull up your favorite playlist on Spotify and try it!

3. Let the day take you where it wants.

Set aside a day to wake up without an alarm, eat food that fuels you and tastes amazing for breakfast, and spend time doing whatever you want to do in the moment. Feel like going for a drive? Grab your keys. Desperately need some sunshine? Visit a local park and have a picnic. This day should be all about feeling good, and is the epitome of “going with the flow.” It’s all about listening to what your mind and body need, so set aside your phone, planner, and watch, and let your mind (and body) wander. Not only will this help you embrace your free-spirited feminine energy, but will also serve as a “reset” button to help you face the next day with plenty of energy and zest for life!

4. Give yourself a makeover. 

It can be as dramatic as you want – from a full hair, nail, and face routine to slipping on a dress that makes you feel beautiful. (Like that little black one stuffed to the back of your closet!) The point of this activity is to allow yourself to indulge in your looks, and to appreciate your body for its natural beauty – doing whatever you’d like to accentuate it. My routine? Start out with a bath or shower, take the time to do your nails (fingers AND toes!) and do your makeup and hair like you have all the time in the world. To finish the look, hop into an outfit that you always feel like a ten in. Bonus points for selfies you can look back on when you need a reminder of your own beauty. 😉

5. Indulge your senses.

There’s a reason that candles, warm water, and soft music leave you in a good mood. Indulging your senses in things that feel, smell, taste, sound, or look good is an incredible way to embrace your feminine energy and practice looking inward. When you indulge the senses, you pay attention to your body: its likes and dislikes, how it feels, and what it needs. A great activity that indulges many of the senses at once is a hot bubble bath complete with candles and music – by focusing on tangible things your body feels, smells, hears, etc… you shift the attention from stressors of life and focus instead on things immediately present. It’s a great grounding activity and the perfect way to embrace your feminine energy from inside your own home.

Embracing your feminine energy shouldn’t be saved for a rainy day. Actively plan out activities and times where you can be with yourself and pay attention to what your mind and body need, every single day. The key is to find a balance between your masculine and feminine energies… think about how much time you spent in a goal-oriented, go-go-go mindset! It’s time to offset that with some extra time in your feminine! 

Inward reflection is just as important as outward observation, as it helps you understand your feelings, thoughts, and stresses so you can address them and make decisions accordingly. Without it, it’s easy to become burnt out and get that awful feeling of “Who am I, anyway?” that makes getting ANYTHING done nearly impossible, and is also pretty damn depressing.

If you feel disconnected or like you’re too caught up by plans and doing “all the right things,” this is a big sign that you should take time to embrace your feminine energy. You will find that it grounds you, grants you new perspective, and helps you feel less like a task-completing robot and more like what you really are: a beautiful, living human with thoughts, dreams, and a soul. Embracing your feminine energy is the key to manifestation and receiving what you ask for in life. 

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