5 Ways to Start Getting out of Victim Mindset

5 Ways to Start Getting out of Victim Mindset

It can be easy to fall into victim mindset, especially during trying times in life where it feels like NOTHING is going right. Although it can be common to find yourself thinking “why me” or “this always happens” from time to time, it’s critical to shift out of this mindset if you want to reframe your subconscious beliefs and become an effortless manifestor – because this allows you to create real, positive changes in your life. Challenges come up in life – but we have the choice to either stay in the sadness or to move forward into healing and expansion. 

A lot of my clients desperately want to get out of victim mindset, but they don’t know where to start or how to do it effectively. Instantaneous thought shifts can help you raise your vibration momentarily, but it’s the deep reflection and inner work that will set you up for success long term. 

Today, I’m going over a list of five ways you can start getting out of the victim mindset, so you can raise your frequency and start to enact real, positive changes in your life.

1. Take responsibility for your reality.

One of the hallmarks of victim mindset is believing that you’re completely powerless over your situation. We might not be able to control everything that happens in our lives, but we CAN make decisions that influence our paths, and how we move forward. If you’re feeling trapped or powerless, I challenge you to dig deep and reflect on your personal role in getting yourself to where you are now (try your best to be objective!). What actions did you take that may have led you down this path? What mindset did you embody that could have influenced these decisions? Although it can be tough to sit with these thoughts at first, there is so much power and freedom in acknowledging them. On a larger level, your soul did choose to have this experience, whether or not you remember that consciously. What is it trying to teach you?

It’s important to remember that our choices do play a role in what happens in our lives. You make decisions every day – some small, some large. Tomorrow, you could make the decision to quit your 9-5 and start your own business. You could decide to go on a first date. You could decide to sell your house and travel. Some of these decisions might feel unrealistic at first, but the truth is you are entirely capable of making these types of decisions for yourself, at any moment. If you’re feeling trapped by your situation, ask yourself what decisions or changes you can make immediately to help shift you onto a more aligned path – they don’t have to be drastic! The simple decision to text your friend and ask for a chill movie night could give you the time you need to wind down and feel good in order to be productive the next day.

2. Express gratitude for what you DO have.

People who feel stuck in victim mindset often focus on what they don’t have, instead of what they do. An important step in breaking out of victim mindset is focusing on – and expressing gratitude for – the things you already have. 

Although it might seem challenging at first, I promise there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for – no matter what your current situation is. Your friends, your partner, the air you breathe, the beautiful grass outside, your ability to see and hear, your imagination…A great exercise to start with is making a simple list each day of five things you are thankful for. They don’t have to be material things, either! You might be thankful for a sunny day or time spent with a friend. There are no rules – just write whatever makes you feel good and appreciative!

3. Realize that things happen FOR you, not TO you.

Sometimes, life can really test us. It happens to all of us!

A great way to start getting out of victim mindset so you can start manifesting what you DO want is to reframe events, feelings, and circumstances that have previously made you feel like a victim. 

Getting fired from your job is a great example – this is something that can send you down a complete emotional spiral if you perceive it as something horrible and unfair that happened to you. But what if you looked at it as an opportunity, instead? What if this gives you the time and freedom to finally pursue building your own business like you’ve always dreamed of? What if it allows you to travel for a month before looking for a new job? Reframing your beliefs in this way can take time and practice, but when you stick to it, it can start to become second nature. Adopting this mindset as an entrepreneur has helped me adapt to so many different challenging situations – and it’s transformed my outlook in all other areas of my life, too!

4. Set 48-hour “no complaint” periods.

This exercise can take some getting used to, but it can really pay off over time. Challenge yourself to set 48-hour “no complaint” periods where you notice any negative thoughts that enter your awareness and immediately transmute them into something positive. Instead of complaining that the line at Starbucks made you late to work, focus on how grateful you are for the hard-working staff during the crazy morning rush, or see it as the Universe’s way of giving you an extra little break before starting your morning tasks.

The first few hours of this practice can feel difficult – especially if you’re around other people who like to complain – but once you pass the one-day mark, you’ll probably notice how little effort it can take to observe all of the positive things you’re surrounded by. 

5. Set (loving) boundaries with people in your life who are caught in victim mindset.

This doesn’t mean you have to cut everyone who complains occasionally out of your life – we all get into bad moods or struggle to be appreciative sometimes! However, if there are people in your life who seem to always find something to complain about – the weather, their job, their lack of time management skills – it’s important to set firm boundaries with them.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be there for your friends and family – it means that you are choosing to respect your own wellbeing enough to recognize when someone else’s vibration is impacting yours. Setting boundaries can be done in a loving way – and if the person you set them with truly loves you, they’ll understand and respect you for it. Limiting the time you spend with them one-on-one, preventing yourself from being used for venting, and letting them know that you are in the process of changing your own mindset are all great first steps! It’s also helpful to reflect on – if this person is at the frequency of complaining all the time…are they really the type of person I want in my life?

I hope these tips help you reclaim your power and shift into a more positive mindset! Have any other tips for breaking free from victim mentality? Share them below!

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