5 Ways You Can Make More Money Without More Followers

Make More Money

So many of my clients come to me wanting more followers, and my question to that is: But, why? Is your end goal to have more followers, or to build a financially successful and emotionally impactful business?

Growing your following does not necessarily mean you’ll make more money. Focus on your BUSINESS goals, and a larger following might be a byproduct – but it doesn’t need to be your main focus. The limiting belief of “I need more followers or a bigger audience to make more money” is stopping you from doing the things you could do to boost your income tomorrow. I can make quantum leaps in my business without waiting around to build a larger following, and so can you!

Here are 5 things to try if you’re ready to make more money without any new followers: 

1. Create another offer for your current audience. 

The people who have already invested in you are primed to invest in you again. Instead of bringing in more people, serve people who already trust you and have invested in you! Ask yourself – and your audience – what type of content they want and need. The better you serve your current audience, the stronger the connection you’ll build with them, and the more loyal they’ll be.  

2. Create a unique, limited-time offer.

Urgency makes people say YES, and limited-time offers (like a 24 or 48-hour flash sale) often call in the “window shoppers” who are already in your audience. Make it something you don’t normally do, and something with no long-term commitment. Make sure not to offer the same promotion on a regular basis – it becomes less enticing and less unique if your audience can expect the opportunity to be presented to them again soon!

3. Start a podcast. 

Consider creating long-form content that goes more in-depth to serve your current audience. This is probably the best way to market yourself in today’s space, where there is SO much noise. Podcasts can turn cold or warm leads into hot leads that are ready to invest pretty quickly (sometimes after just one episode) – if you know what you’re doing! Podcasting can create a stronger bond with your existing audience because it gives them a chance to feel more connected to you and get a taste of your personal coaching style. Check out The Pod Course for a complete breakdown on how to launch and grow  your own show.

4. Master your manifestation techniques. 

There are SO many manifestation techniques you can use to call in more money – so use what resonates with you! Personally, I like to go into my Akashic Records to call forward clients that are ready for my services, realign my energy with the future I want to create, and raise my energetic frequency to be a match for what I’m calling in using Ahai 7D energy – or, I’ll use my brain rewiring meditation to call things forward. Check out my monthly Channel Collective membership if you want to dive deeper into mastering manifestation!

5. Get paid for what you already do. 

A lot of my clients are already recommending supplements, products, or programs to their clients or friends and not getting paid. If you’re going to recommend it anyway, why not make money sharing something that takes no extra time for you? Look for companies that offer products and services you regularly recommend, and consider becoming an affiliate. Your clients will probably thank you even more if they’re offered a special discount!

Ready to embrace your current audience and start making quantum leaps with the following you already have? I hope these five tips show you that you can make more money without having to worry about the numbers on your Instagram page!

If you try any of these out, comment below and report back! I love to hear your success stories. 🙂

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