7 Manifestation Techniques that Actually Work

With so many manifestation techniques out there, you might be wondering what’s actually worth your time. The key with manifestation is shifting your subconscious beliefs. If you’re only working at the conscious level, then your reality won’t shift. The most effective techniques will teach your brain and body to be really comfortable with your new reality, and to become a vibrational match for that desire. When you shift your frequency to align with the frequency of what you desire in your life, you effortlessly attract it. 

After trying a lot of techniques, I’ve narrowed down the ones I’ve seen work the most consistently in my own life and for my clients. While these aren’t the only great techniques out there, I’ve found these 7 to be the most powerful when it comes to rewiring neural pathways for true subconscious shifts: 

1: Full-body visualizations. What I mean by this is visualizing your life when you have what you want, and feeling the emotion deeply in your body as you visualize. I like to visualize for 5-30 minutes, and take myself through a day in my life in the reality I want. This allows me to see how I show up, what my daily routine is, where I am, who I’m around, and any other details that will be helpful for me in seeing the gap between how I’ve been living and the life I desire. I can start to fill in those gaps in my current reality. The more important piece, though, is that the visualization allows me to experience that life, and I allow my body to fully feel the vibration of it. When you’re doing affirmations or visualizations, feel the joy, the excitement, the amusement, the abundance. Let it fill your body up. This is getting your energy body calibrated to this vibration. Remember, the brain doesn’t know the difference between reality and visualizations. The same areas of the brain light up if you’re shooting a basketball or visualizing yourself shooting a basketball – we can use this to our advantage by visualizing the reality we want so our brain is re-trained to know that is our reality. 

2: Affirmations. Affirmations do work if you really believe them and you’re consistent. I used to do affirmations and nothing happened, but now affirmations are actually what I turn to whenever I want something quickly. It still shocks me how it always works for me. The KEY with affirmations is to say them like you really mean them. You should be excited as you say them, and know they’re true as you say them! Phrase them in a way that helps you believe. Sometimes instead of “I made $10,000 today,” it’s more like, “HOLY SHIT I MADE 1$0K!” My favorite approaches with affirmations are to record myself saying them and listen to them on a loop, or to do the 55×5 or 30×10 method. That means writing them down 55 times for 5 days, or 30 times for 10 days.

3: Affirmations or visualizations right when you wake up or right before you go to sleep. Right before you go to sleep is when your brain is dropping into theta brain state, when your subconscious mind is most easily reprogrammed. I’ve found that listening to affirmations right before I go to sleep, or as soon as I wake up (when I’m in that halfway awake and halfway asleep state) truly makes the world of a difference. Plus, I sleep extra well when I’ve flooded my brain with those high-frequency words, visuals, and emotions before I go to sleep! 

4: Charge your water. I like to use a glass water bottle for this – something with a cap. The molecular structure of water changes based on the words we speak to it, which means we can charge our water to a certain frequency. I like to get really clear on my affirmations and / or what energy I want to calibrate the water to. Then I take some time to hold the water and repeat the affirmations or high-frequency words as many times as I need until I feel the water is fully charged with the energy. Then I take a very intentional sip and feel the water flow down my throat into my stomach, feeling the energy fill me up, asking that water to calibrate every cell in my body. I then take a few more sips, close the bottle, and store it in the fridge. Then I’ll take a few sips each day until I drink the whole bottle. I like this method because I only need one big “charging” session and then I can drink that charged water multiple days in a row to keep getting that frequency. 

5: Photoshop your numbers. This works really well for bank accounts or any number goal. Take a screenshot of your bank account, for example, and photoshop the amount to be whatever amount you want – but make sure it looks legit. Save that image to your desktop. You can either make it your wallpaper if you’re really committed (so you keep seeing it), or you can pull up that image each day and meditate on it. This helps you get really familiar with seeing that number in a way that looks real. 

6: Scripting and role playing. This is one of my favorite techniques because it’s so fun! Write a journal entry oriented from the version of you that already has what you want, and write about what you’re doing that day and what your life is like. Get as detailed as possible – enjoy it! Don’t be afraid to talk about the mundane things as well – it should be realistic. This allows you to have a “script” for your new life. Choose a day to role play – think method acting. You’re all in. From the second you wake up to when you fall asleep – you’re taking on that role. 

7: Energy work and hypnosis. In my opinion, these are the fastest methods to create huge shifts in your life. I’ve seen this work pretty much immediately countless times. Through both energy work (I work with Ahai 7D Energy and the Akashic Records) and hypnosis, you can get straight to the subconscious to shift beliefs and remove any underlying blocks you might not even know are blocking you from attracting what you desire. With energy work specifically, we can calibrate the energy field to be a frequency match for what you desire. It’s magic! 

Follow your intuition when it comes to choosing a manifestation technique. What excites you and sounds fun?! Manifestation is meant to be fun, and the more excitement you have around it, the more quickly your desires come into your reality. You don’t have to do all the things… choose whatever you’ll be consistent with that genuinely lights you up.  

For some extra tools to help you magnetize your desires effortlessly, check out my free daily Manifestation Meditation here, and my book, Manifestation Mastery: How to Shift Your Reality & Co-Create with the Universe



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