7 Traits to Embody to Manifest What You Want

7 Traits to Embody to Manifest What You Want

Are you doing all of the journaling, meditating, and visualizations, but you’re still feeling stuck and unable to manifest what you really want? Even if you’re dedicated to your daily manifestation practice, you might be missing some key mindset shifts that will allow you to call in what you really desire. I see this time and time again with my clients – people know what they want, but they don’t always know how to embody the version of themselves that is truly ready to receive it!

Today, I’m sharing seven traits to embody to manifest what you want (I cover these traits even more in-depth on my podcast episode, Key Traits of a Powerful Manifestor!):

1. Adaptable

Are you hung up on the “how” or “when” of your manifestation? Trying to force what you want to manifest is fighting the natural flow of the universe. When we’re willing to shift and change, we allow any signs and manifestations to come through exactly how they’re meant to – which can often be different than what we expect! Be open and trusting that no matter which direction you’re headed, it’s all still on the path of receiving what you want in divine timing. You don’t have to understand how it will come in in order to receive it – let the universe deliver it to you however it’s meant to be!

2. Playful

Manifesting what you want shouldn’t feel like a chore – it should be fun! Embrace curiosity and follow the clues that the universe drops into your lap. When we have fun and embrace the current moment, we shift into our feminine energy of receiving.. This allows us to observe more signs and become an energetic match for the universe to send more our way. Integrate more play into your life and see what it brings you! Trusting

3. Trusting

When we get caught in the mindset that our manifestation practices are “not working”, we throw ourselves into a fear state – and this blocks us from being able to receive what we want. Be firm in the belief that you know it’s already coming to you, and that it will drop into your life exactly when it’s supposed to. Practice patience and know that any obstacles that pop up are all part of the journey to receiving what you want. 

4. Decisive

Trusting your intuition and being decisive are key to signaling to the universe that you know what you want. Indecisiveness usually comes from the fear of deciding incorrectly, which means we’re not allowing ourselves to trust the journey. On the other hand, when you make decisions confidently, you instantaneously shift your frequency to align with what you’re calling in. Embodying decisiveness and trust in your own intuition sends a clear message to the universe that you’re aligned with what you want to call in – which adds even more energy to the timeline of receiving what you want!

5. Authentic

When you truly embody who you want to be and are honest with yourself about what you want, you make yourself an energetic match to receive it – and this sends a strong signal to the universe! When we allow our egos to take over, we tend to call in people and situations who are vibrating at the frequency we’re emitting. By honoring our own needs & wants and refusing to settle, we tell the universe that we know we’re worthy of receiving what we desire. When you show up as the clearest version of you, you send a clear signal to the universe about what to send your way. 

6. Expressive

When you allow yourself to actually feel your feelings, not only are you being more authentic with yourself, but you also allow yourself to release any emotional blocks and limiting beliefs that could be getting in the way of becoming a vibrational match for what you want. It’s also important to embody right now whatever it is you want to feel when you receive what it is you’re manifesting. If you can fully embrace the feelings of love, abundance, and gratitude, you’ll instantly raise your vibration and make yourself an energetic match for more. When you feel your feelings, you release any low frequency energies that are still stored in your body, and releasing those allows you to return to your naturally high-vibe state. 

7. Abundant

When we try to manifest from a place of desperation, we’re embodying an energy of lack – this is the opposite of what we want to show the universe if we’re trying to call in more! When you allow yourself to feel complete with everything you already have, you raise your vibration and you tell the universe, “I am so grateful for all of my abundance, and I want even more of it!” Spend time each day appreciating what you do have – it can be as simple as a clean pair of clothes or the ability to breathe in fresh air on your walk.

By embodying all of these traits, you’ll raise your vibration, amplify your manifestation practice, and set yourself up to successfully manifest what you want. 

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