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Bundle: Manifestations Activations

Get immediate access to both Manifestation Activation sets – over 8 hours of recorded channeled content covering how to manifest the love & abundance you desire. 

Courses Included:

  • Manifestation Activation: Love & Relationships
  • Manifestation Activation: Money & Abundance
Psychic Development Course

Bundle: Mastering Manifestation


This bundle will teach you the energetics of manifestation so you can manifest effortlessly! With each piece of content, you will further develop your manifestation skills and learn how to confidently co-create your dream life.

Courses Included:

  • Manifestation Activation Sets 
  • MM Deep Dive 
  • Abundance Activation Codes 
  • 5D Ascension Activator
5D Ascension Activator Free Course

Bundle: Spiritual Optimization

Looking to dive deep into your spiritual journey and gifts? These courses and channeled activation sets will provide you with guidance for every step of your spiritual awakening and accelerate you into a life of abundance!

Courses Included:

  • Abundance Accelerator
  • Manifestation Activation sets 
  • Awakening Accelerator 
  • Abundance Activation Codes 
  • Energy Protection Masterclass 
  • 5D Ascension Activator 
Abundance Accelerator COURSE

Bundle: Accelerated Entrepreneur

Build the foundation of your 5D business with this bundle. These courses will help you shift into an energy of flow and abundance so you can work less and receive more by understanding business energetics.

Courses Included:

  • Abundance Accelerator 
  • Manifestation Activations: Money 
  • Biz Energetics 
  • Abundance Activation Codes 

Are you ready to supercharge

Your Manifestation Practice?

This powerful 15-minute guided meditation will help you raise your frequency & supercharge your manifestation practice! Use it daily for accelerated results. 

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