Essential Oils to Bring on Travel

Essential Oils to Bring on Travel

When my sister was on her honeymoon a few months ago, she asked me to write a blog post about the top essential oils to bring on travel so that she’d be ready the next time she went away on a trip. A lot of unexpected ailments can come up while traveling – bug bites, fatigue, bloating, stomach pain, bruises… Thankfully, essential oils can help you with all of that, and more!

I have been traveling a lot the past few months, especially this month. I just came back from San Mateo, Tahoe, and Canada, and I’m headed off to San Diego, Indiana, and Chicago in the next week! I figured it’s the perfect time to write this blog post, because I can just pour out my essential oils bag and let you know what’s inside.

I use my doTERRA essential oils as my natural “medicine cabinet” in everyday life, and I always bring them with me when I travel. Traveling makes everyone feel a little “off,” and using your essential oils can help you still feel your best despite a lack of routine. Essential oils can be used to help with sleep, headaches, digestive discomfort, body pain, sickness, bug bites, and any other symptoms that might come up while you’re visiting a new place. You don’t want to be caught unprepared! I use doTERRA essential oils because they are the highest quality on the market and the only ones I feel comfortable ingesting and applying to my skin. They’re 100% pure, unlike the oils you’ll find at the store, and that means they will actually work. To learn more about why I use doTERRA and how to get started, you can check out this post.

Essential Oils to Bring on Travel

I’ve compiled a list of the essential oils I personally bring with me when I travel, as well as some “honorable mentions” that I bring most of the time, but not always if I’m low on space. (Let’s be honest, though, I usually always make space.) I use these on myself, but I also like to have them on hand to help out anyone around me who’s complaining about their digestion, headaches, or poor sleep while traveling. Hopefully this list helps you prioritize what essential oils you’d like to bring with you the next time you go on a trip! Don’t be caught without your oils. 😛

  1. Lemon – Lemon is one of my most-used oils in general, and I always bring it with me on travel because I like to start my day off with warm water and lemon. Lemon is incredibly detoxifying, and beginning the morning with warm lemon water helps kickstart my digestion. Traveling in general tends to throw off people’s digestion, so this is really helpful. I begin every morning with warm water, ACV, and lemon at home, so bringing the lemon oil with me allows me to maintain that part of my routine. Lemon is also great for cleaning, so if I’m traveling and need to remove some type of residue, lemon comes in handy. For example, it helps get stickers off of containers, and recently I used it to clean my hair curler because it somehow got sticky residue on it while it was in my luggage. Lemon is also a mood-booster, which is always nice to have on hand in case I’m tired and grumpy one day while traveling!
  2. Peppermint – Peppermint is another one of my most-used oils and a non-negotiable for traveling. First of all, it’s great for any type of digestive discomfort. You can apply it topically to your stomach, or you can ingest it internally to help calm your stomach (which is really helpful when eating questionable food on vacation). I also use this instead of bringing peppermint tea bags with me – you just need a drop or two of peppermint essential oil in hot water to replace peppermint tea! This also helps if you have bad breath, and we all know that most restaurants like to load up on garlic and onion! Peppermint is also great for headaches or migraines. Just apply it to your temples and the back of your neck to naturally get rid of a headache. Similarly, I use it anytime I have any type of pain, ache, scrape, or bug bite. Peppermint soothes the area and cools it down. If you tweak your ankle, pull a hamstring, are sore from walking, or get some bug bites, apply peppermint oil every few hours to provide relief to the area. It’s also great for opening up your airways. I like to apply this under my nose or to my chest if I feel congested. I also like to use Peppermint because it helps with focus. If I’m on travel and need to bust out a few hours of productive work, I put peppermint on my pulse points or just breathe it in, because the scent promotes concentration. It’s great if you need to study or read something in a noisy area.
  3. Lavender – Another non-negotiable! Lavender is my go-to for restful sleep. Sometimes it’s difficult to fall (and stay) asleep when traveling because you’re not in your own bed, but lavender oil puts me out like a light. I like to put a drop on my pillow, and I also apply it to the bottoms of my feet before bed to help me stay asleep all night long. Lavender is also great for promoting relaxation in general. I like to use this in the evening to help me calm down, especially when I’m adjusting to a new time zone. Lavender is also helpful for skin irritations and body pain. You can apply this to bruises, cuts, burns, sore muscles, and even zits to calm inflammation. If I’m traveling and have any type of skin irritation, bruise, or pain on my body, I apply lavender and peppermint onto the area every few hours to help it go away much faster.
  4. DigestZen – I recommend everyone carries this with them at all times! DigestZen is my go-to anytime I have any type of digestive discomfort, which is more likely when traveling and eating different foods than normal. You never really know what restaurants are putting in their food (again, the garlic and onions…). DigestZen helps with bloating, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, cramps, or any other type of digestive issue. You can apply it topically all over your stomach, or ingest it internally by adding a few drops to warm water or taking it in a capsule. Some people find it works better for them internally OR topically, so find what works for you! Personally, anytime my stomach hurts or isn’t feeling that great, I apply this all over my stomach and take 4 drops in a veggie cap. Works like a charm.
  5. On Guard – Whenever I need immune support, I turn to On Guard. Think antibacterial and antiviral when you think of this blend! I like to add 4 drops to a veggie cap (along with Oregano, if I have it) and ingest it any time I feel like I need an immune boost. I use this if I am already getting a little sick, or if I feel like I’m about to get sick. I also like to have this on hand in case I need to clean something, because On Guard is amazing as an all-purpose surface cleaner. In a pinch, I can just mix it with some water and clean any surface (this comes up in hotels and Airbnbs sometimes!). I’ll also apply this to my hands as a natural hand cleaner / antibacterial if I feel like I’ve been touching a lot of germs. I also like to put On Guard on any cuts, scrapes, or other open wounds to clean them out and help them heal faster. Sometimes I also apply this on top of bug bites or bruises along with my Peppermint and Lavender. On Guard also smells AMAZING, so I like to breathe it in or diffuse it in a travel diffuser!
  6. Melaleuca (Tea Tree Oil) – Tea Tree oil is great for purifying and supporting immune function. Anytime something needs an extra strong cleaning, I use tea tree oil. If you get a cut or scrape, this can help clean it out so it doesn’t get infected. You can also add this into a veggie cap (I use 1-2 drops) anytime you’re feeling sick or need extra immune support. The real reason I love Melaleuca, though, is because it’s an incredible spot treatment for blemishes. If a zit pops up while I’m traveling, I always put Melaleuca on it and it dries right up. I always dilute it, though, because tea tree oil can be very strong and very drying.
  7. Oregano – Oregano is another very strong essential oil that has a lot of antioxidants and is great for supporting immune function. I bring this with me in case I get sick, which I find is more likely to happen when I travel. Anytime I feel a cold or flu coming on, I put 2-3 drops in a veggie capsule (usually with 4 drops of On Guard) and take that once every 4 hours or so. Oregano is your best weapon against any sickness. It has a VERY strong flavor (it burns), so I always use a veggie cap.
  8. Rose – I bring Rose with me because I use it as perfume. Rose and Jasmine are my favorite essential oils to use as perfume, but I consider Rose to be my signature scent. It’s emotionally uplifting and always puts me in a good mood. Rose is also great to apply to any skin imperfections, but I really bring it for its uplifting scent! I apply Rose to my chest and pulse points every day.
  9. Breathe – Breathe is our respiratory blend that helps anyone who is feeling congested or has allergies or asthma. If I’m feeling congested, I will apply this right under my nose or on my chest to help open up my airways. I also love diffusing this because it helps me focus. I don’t personally have allergies or asthma, but I like to always have this on hand in case I’m with someone who does because Breathe can work miracles for them. I’m so helpful, I know. 😉
  10. On Guard Hand Sanitizing Mist – This isn’t an oil, but I always bring this hand sanitizer with me when I’m traveling – especially on planes. The main ingredient is On Guard essential oil, which is our antibacterial / antiviral blend. This cleans your hands without drying out your skin, and it smells amazing!
  11. Veggie Caps – Again, not an oil, but this is how I ingest many of my oils! These are empty capsules that you can drop oils into so that you can take them like a pill. DIY supplements! These are really helpful when you need to take an oil that doesn’t taste good, like Oregano or Melaleuca.
  12. TerraZyme Digestive Enzymes – These are my favorite digestive enzymes, and I always like to have digestive enzymes with me when I travel since I’ll probably be eating different foods than I’m used to. Digestive enzymes can help prevent the bloating and stomach pain that you might usually encounter when you eat out at restaurants.

Essential Oils to Bring on Travel

Oils I bring when I have extra room:

  1. Ginger – I also like to bring Ginger with me because it’s great for digestion and tastes delicious in warm water. It can help with bloating, nausea, cramps, constipation, and diarrhea. I’ll rub it on my stomach or take it in a veggie cap or in water if I’m having symptoms. I like to mix this with lemon essential oil in warm water in the morning to start my day off right – gotta get that digestion goin’!
  2. ClaryCalm – This is doTERRA’s women blend that helps to balance hormones and reduce any unwanted symptoms associated with menstruation, like cramps or moodiness. I apply this to my abdomen every single day to support my hormonal health .
  3. Frankincense – I like to have Frankincense on me when I can because it always helps ground me and calm me down anytime I have anxiety. It’s also great for any skin imperfections, like blemishes that might pop up. I like to take this internally everyday because it supports immune, nervous system, and digestive function – it’s like a daily supplement! Besides taking a drop a day under my tongue, I also like to apply it to my hands or to the bottom of my feet to help me feel more peaceful. When I’m traveling and out of my routine, this helps keep me grounded.
  4. TerraShield – This is doTERRA’s outdoor blend that will protect you against any insects. I use this more often in the summer, and I bring it anywhere I think I’ll be spending a lot of time outside, especially in the evening. For example, I always bring this to our family cabin where I typically get eaten alive by mosquitoes or swarmed by bees. You can apply this topically to your skin or diffuse it to keep bugs away.
  5. Blue Tansy – I usually bring this with me in my toiletries bag alongside my skincare because I like to apply it to my skin every night. It’s great for eliminating and preventing blemishes, and it’s very soothing to the skin in general.

Essential Oils to Bring on Travel

I also wanted to include a quick list of ailments that might pop up while you’re on travel and which oils I recommend for each:

  1. Headache – apply peppermint to temples
  2. Upset stomach, bloating, nausea, constipation, etc. – DigestZen, Peppermint, Ginger – apply to stomach, ingest in veggie cap, or add a few drops to warm water
  3. Cramps – ClaryCalm, DigestZen, Peppermint, Ginger – apply to stomach or ingest through veggie cap or in water
  4. Bug bites – apply Peppermint, Lavender, and On Guard to the bite, use Terra Shield as prevention
  5. Sore / hurt muscles or body parts – apply Peppermint to affected area, can also add Lavender
  6. Cut / scrape – use Melaleuca and On Guard to Clean it, can also apply Lavender if it’s sore
  7. Zit – apply Melaleuca (dilute with water) to the zit, can also add Lavender, Frankincense, Blue Tansy, and/or On Guard to reduce the redness
  8. Cold / flu – 4 drops On Guard + 2 drops Oregano oil in a veggie cap, can also add 2 drops Melaleuca
  9. Insomnia – apply Lavender to the bottoms of your feet and your pulse points, add a few drops to your pillow, can also apply Frankincense
  10. Anxiety – Lavender, Frankincense
  11. Fatigue – Lemon, Peppermint – both are energizing and uplifting

As I’m sure you can tell, I’m more than prepared for anything that comes my way when I have my oils with me. There really is an oil for everything! I pack more oils with me than most people probably need to, but I’ve always been an over-packer. I absolutely CANNOT be without Peppermint, Lavender, and On Guard, though. They’re my lifeline!

What essential oils or other home remedies do you bring with you when you travel?!

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