Goin’ WILD for Wild Living Foods

Here I am again, torn between telling you about my latest obsession and keeping it my little secret. I don’t want this place to become popular because I selfishly want it all to myself, but I do want more people to know about it because amazing restaurants like Wild Living Foods deserve major recognition. And a lot of business.

With so many incredible restaurants in Los Angeles, I never thought I would say what I’m about to say, but… I have officially found my favorite restaurant in L.A. HANDS DOWN.


Wild Living Foods is everything I could ever want. When I first stumbled across the photos on Yelp, I was instantly intrigued. And very confused. The food looked incredible, so how had I never heard of it before?! Turns out, WLF just opened a few months ago, so it’s still a baby! Thank god, because if Wild Living Foods had existed for a long time and I didn’t know about it for my past 4 years in L.A., I would be seriously depressed about how much I missed out until now.

Wild Living Foods is an organic, plant-based restaurant in downtown L.A. Trust me, it’s very worth the drive downtown. All of their dishes are prepared under 118* to keep all of the nutrients in tact. The food is fresh, delicious, beautiful, and unique. It’s extremely allergy-friendly, of course, but it’s not your typical gluten-free place.

The number one thing I look for in a restaurant is high-quality ingredients. Whenever I eat out, I expect to get a stomachache or feel gross after eating…even when I’m eating at “clean” places. Wild Living Foods will actually leave you feeling better than before you came in, though. You can taste the difference in their ingredients.

Another thing I love about WLF is the overall vibe. It’s a place of community. Everyone who works there is extremely kind and welcoming. They’re the kinda people who ask you how you’re doing (and actually want to know the answer) and give you free samples just because they have some leftover smoothie in the blender. When you go in, you’ll make friends with everyone there. I also got a chance to chat with one of the owners, and she literally lit up the room. So sweet.

Besides that, the decor is on point. There is a stunning, bright, colorful mural on the wall, and the floor is covered with unique, vivid tiles that light up the entire space. It’s a place for creativity, individuality, and acceptance. And it makes the eating experience that much more divine.

Let’s get to the food! OMG. With all of my food allergies/restrictions/preferences, I’m accustomed to only being able to order a few things off of any menu. At most, 3 or 4. This is literally the first place I’ve ever eaten at where I could literally order anything. I cannot tell you how exciting that is for me, but it’s also really overwhelming because everything looks beyond delicious. To start, they have an amazing selection of warm soups and small appetizers – broccoli lime, sea vegetable, garden tomato soups…spring rolls and avocado toast and chips and guac. You can’t go wrong.

Let’s get on to the really fun part. All of the things that I can’t usually eat when I’m out, but that I totally can here. BURGERS AND SANDWICHES. They have really creative burgers and sandwiches that are served on onion or flax bread (all gluten-free). There’s a portobello burger, a tuna sandwich, a guacamole burger, and more. I didn’t get a chance to try it, but the Pablo Burger looks especially amazing – it’s their twist on a classic burger with cashew cheese, ketchup, and mustard.

Next up, SUSHI. Gluten-free, vegan sushi. I love regular sushi, but I actually think this is much better. They have a few rolls to pick from, and it’s IMPOSSIBLE to choose one off the menu. We got the Dynamite Roll, which has cashew cheese, red cabbage, tomato, avo, ginger, onion, coconut jerky, ranch, hemp, and flax oil. ARE YOU DROOLING?! I think the coconut jerky and ranch were what really made this roll divine. Next time, I have my eye on the Spicy Tuna Roll – it has barbecue kale chips inside…

Their main entrees are honestly insane. Everything is not only delicious and healthy, but it’s plated like a piece of artwork. You can really tell the time and care they put into each dish. The Rainbow Wrap is one of my all time favorite things EVER. I don’t usually get to order “wraps” off of menus, so it was very exciting that I could do so here. This has almond and sunflower seed pate with cabbage, avo, tomato, and red bell pepper, and it’s wrapped in a sun-dried tomato coconut wrap topped with chipotle dressing. My favorite part is the home made ranch dressing it’s served with, though. I’m a sucker for ranch, and it’s really hard to find an allergy-friendly, healthy one anywhere. This combination is a serious flavor explosion, in the best way possible.

Another thing we loved was the Flat Earth Pizza, which comes with walnut pesto, onions, olives, bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, marinara, and cashew cheese. It has a sprouted almond crust and is served with a side salad. I never get to order pizza when I’m out, so obviously this was a dream come true. This is way better than traditional pizza – trust me. It is so flavorful, and all of the different flavor combinations meld perfectly together.

I also love that they have so many warm pasta dishes. That’s another thing that I never get to order off of a menu. I don’t eat regular gluten-free pasta, but I can eat THIS gluten-free “pasta”! Their warm pasta dishes are created with kelp noodles, so literally anyone can have them. I have an obsession with kelp noodles, if you didn’t already know, but WLF makes the best kelp noodle dishes in the game. We got the Earth Pasta and the Pasta Supreme. Both were absolutely delicious. I need to talk more about the Pasta Supreme for a second, though. The “meat balls” are literally the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten in my life. They taste like real meatballs… I’m not sure how. And the marinara sauce is by far the best marinara I’ve ever had. I want this as my last meal on Earth.

There are so many things on the menu that I need to try next. The Chile Relleno, Pueblo Wrap, and the Lettuce Eat Tacos are next on my list.

Now onto my favorite section…dessert! WLF blows it out of the water in this category as well. First of all, they have different raw desserts available each night, and every thing I’ve tried has been beyond amazing. They have a raw cinnamon roll, which I seriously died over. I also tried the almond coconut slices (almond joys), the almond butter cups, and the wild jungle peanut squares. They’re all rich without being overly sweet, and they just taste like real food. You know? It’s seriously the perfect way to end your meal. If you’re a chocolate lover, you’ll melt over these!

Beyond that, the star of the show is definitely the ice cream/gelato. I think Wild Living Foods has the best ice cream in Los Angeles, and it’s HEALTHY. Gluten-free, vegan, soy-free… everything. It’s made from a coconut base and sweetened with coconut nectar – super clean.

The flavors are seriously amazing, and they’re all thick and creamy like classic ice cream. They have chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, mint chocolate chip, salted caramel, cookies and cream, almond butter cup, and coffee crunch. Their chocolate and strawberry flavors are the best choc and strawb you’ll find anywhere, but my all-time favorite flavors are the almond butter cup, salted caramel, and cookies and cream. The almond butter cup ice cream is definitely my FAVORITE ice cream on this planet, no joke. I mean, it has almond butter cups in it…come on! COMING HERE FOR MY BIRTHDAY.

They also have a ton of delicious smoothies, dessert smoothies, and milkshakes. For milkshakes, you can pick any flavor ice cream and have it blended with almond milk. We tried the Molly Berry Smoothie,which has cashew almond milk, sweet cream, blueberries, honey, trail mix, and vanilla, as well as the strawberry bliss – cashew almond milk, sweet cream, strawberries, honey, trail mix. If you love strawberry, YOU NEED THE STRAWBERRY BLISS. All of their smoothies look amazing, but I have my eye on the Cacao Ceremony. It has cream, almond butter, coconut meat, cacao, maca, honey, vanilla, and pink salt! NOM.

They also have a wide selection of warm healing elixirs and medicinal shots. If you ask one of the employees about the health benefits of any elixir, prepare to be amazed. The Twelve Tribes is insane – it has chai, turmeric, cardamom, clove, cinnamon, black pepper, ginger, and honey – ultra healing.

They also sell a ton of delicious cold-pressed juices and drinks. These are real deal, high quality ingredients. To make a long story short, a lot of juices aren’t pressed the right way. These ARE, though. I am not generally a fan of juices and drinks, but I’m down for anything from WLF.

They also have an amazing salad bar where you can build the salad of your dreams. And they also recently opened up a breakfast bar! I haven’t been yet, but you can get chia pudding, coconut yogurt, apple spice cereal, a chocolate mousse crepe, a cinnamon roll… I know you want it. Heading back ASAP.

There is honestly nothing that could make me love Wild Living Foods more. Anyone who is gluten-free and dairy-free will really appreciate this restaurant for all of the high quality, delectable dishes it provides. Dishes that we can’t usually have, but here? No problem. Even if you don’t have food restrictions, it’s impossible to not love this place. Like I said before… currently the best spot to eat in L.A.

If you head out to Wild Living Foods, tell ’em I sent ya! And DEFINITELY let me know what you order!

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