Holiday Gift Guide for EVERYONE, 2016

I’ve got one more holiday gift guide for you, because I’m excessive like that.

If you haven’t seen my holiday gift guide for her or for him yet, be sure to check those out! If you’ve already seen them but still need more ideas, then this one’s for you.

Some people are really easy to shop for. Maybe your sister’s a major makeup-lover, or your brother’s obsessed with a certain sports team. Maybe your dad loves to grill, and your mom loves to bake. When people have “things,” it’s much easier to pick out a present for them.

Some people, however, don’t have a specific “thing.” Maybe they don’t really have any interests, or maybe they have a ton. Those people are much harder to shop for because there are too many possibilities in front of you. THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER. How do you even pick?! I’ll tell you how – use this list.

This is basically my random collection of great gifts for anybody. It doesn’t matter who the person is. Young, old, woman, man, sibling, aunt, uncle, parent, friend. You seriously cannot go wrong with any of these. (Unless you’re shopping for like… your cat.)

Healthy Human Tumbler: You’ve probably seen these on Instagram before, and they’re definitely worth the hype. They come in a ton of different colors, so pick your friend’s favorite! Everybody will use a good tumbler. They’re great for coffee, tea, smoothies, water, or even soup. The double insulation keeps your beverage nice and hot, or cold, so you don’t have to worry about reheating anything or putting it in the fridge. It’s completely perfect for class or work!

Pocket Projector Micro: I’ve been pining after one of these for a long time. They’re so cool. All you have to do is plug in your phone, and the images on your screen magically get projected onto the wall. Wanna watch a movie? No TV required. This projector is really small, so it’s very portable and great for traveling. The image is 50 inches diagonally, which I think is the perfect size. You don’t want anything too big, otherwise it can be hard to find a completely clear wall to watch your videos on. Also, how fun would it be to watch movies on your ceiling while laying in bed?!

JBL Bluetooth Speaker: A bluetooth speaker is another thing you really can’t go wrong with. Even if someone already has a speaker, they could always use another to keep in a different room. This one has great sound quality for the price, and it comes in a variety of colors. Plus, this could kind of double as a gift for you, too. Who doesn’t like it when their friends are blasting good music?!

Crock-Pot: Everyone also needs a Crock-Pot. Especially people who hate cooking. It will change your cooking game forever. You can use it to cook meat, veggies, soups, lasagna, desserts, drinks, or anything else. Just toss in the food and go. This is an especially good present for someone who is low on time and needs to cook in bulk!

Ultimate Organic Starter Spice Gift Set: This is another present that will really kick someone’s cooking game up a notch. Spices are the best way to make food more exciting! Sadly, most people don’t have an excessive spice collection. Spices can be expensive, so people don’t always like to splurge on them. They just stick to the basics instead – salt and pepper. Boring. Why not give the gift of flavor this Christmas? I’d die for this gift set.

Squatty Potty: This. Is. Necessary. I’m serious. It’s a health hazard to not use one of these! Quite a few members of my family will be receiving this for Christmas this year…for their own good. If you haven’t read my post about the importance of using a Squatty Potty, then I would highly recommend you do so. In sum, you need to be squatting if you want to properly eliminate and prevent your butt from having problems in the future. Yeeeeepppppp.

Sun Basket Subscription: The gift that keeps on giving! This is the perfect way to encourage someone to start eating healthier meals. All of the hard work is done for them – Sun Basket delivers the ingredients right to their door. This is also perfect for minimalists who don’t want more objects in their house, or for the person who tells you, “There’s nothing I want for Christmas.” Guess what…everyone needs to eat! These meals are delicious and healthy, and it gives your friend or family member the power to choose what they want to eat! Plus, they could walk away with some much-needed healthy food inspo.

Another subscription service I love is Daily Harvest. I’m getting multiple people in my family this subscription for Christmas. People always complain they don’t have time to make a healthy breakfast. With this service, you have no excuse! These ready-to-blend smoothie packs are made with real, whole food ingredients. Love it. You can use the code “addictedtolovely” at checkout to get 3 FREE smoothies with your first order!

Lastly, I’m going to suggest….TICKETS. To anything. Tickets are another great option for the minimalist in your life or the person who has no wish list. You can turn this into a gift for yourself, too, if you get a pair of tickets and keep one of them! Memories are worth more than any object, in my opinion. You could get tickets to a concert, to a theme park, to a sports game, or to an event in the area. Tickets just went on sale for the Good Fest, which is happening this April, and that would be an amazing gift for any wellness lover in your life. I’m asking for a ticket to the Good Festival for Christmas, in case you were wondering. You can buy tickets here!

That’s it for my holiday 2016 gift guides! Holiday shopping can be so stressful, but hopefully this took some of the hard work out of the process! What are you guys asking for this Christmas?

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