How Focusing on Alignment & Business Energetics Can Help You Grow Your Business

Whether you’ve hit a growth block in your business and can’t seem to scale, or you find you have to grind yourself to the bone just to barely move the needle, these are important indicators that you’re probably not running your business from a place of alignment. 

To run a thriving business that actually feels good, it’s critical to be in flow – and to be in flow, you have to be doing what’s aligned for you! So many entrepreneurs stick to what they know in terms of what has successfully built their business in the past, or what they’ve seen other entrepreneurs do to grow their businesses. However, as we grow and evolve as people, so can our businesses! This means that what used to feel aligned for us might not anymore, and that’s okay – we just have to be willing to listen to our changing wants and needs and be willing to adapt. 

It’s important to remember that whatever energy we are putting into our business is what we get back – so if we are vibrating at a frequency of resentment, getting less than ideal clients, or working ourselves to complete exhaustion, we are only continuing to attract more of that. (To dive even deeper into business energetics and building a 6- or 7-figure business in alignment, listen to this podcast episode!)

Some clarifying questions you can ask yourself to check where you aren’t in alignment anymore are:

  • Do the topics I share or talk about light me up?
  • Does the way in which I deliver my message feel authentic?
  • Who do I really want to serve, and is this who I’m currently serving?
  • What might I be attracting into my business that I don’t like?
  • Am I consistently creating energetic space for my business to grow? 

Another great tool for checking where we’re not living and working in flow is Human Design. This tool serves as an energetic blueprint for how we are meant to uniquely express our energy, and it provides clarity on what we typically experience when we are and aren’t in alignment.

The more we focus on our natural gifts and talents and interests, and the more we follow our excitement, the easier everything becomes. The best way to become clear on what feels authentic and aligned? Take a break, spend time with yourself, notice what lights you up, and reflect!

If you’ve enjoyed these tips on how to build a business in flow, be sure to check out No Bullshit Business School! This self-paced course includes over 30 hours of video lessons to help you create the business – and the life – of your dreams.

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