How to Send a Clear Signal to The Universe About What You Want

How to Send a Clear Signal to The Universe About What You Want

If you’re familiar with the Law of Attraction, then you know that your thoughts and emotions are magnets for what you receive from the universe! Every decision you make and emotion you feel tells the universe who you are showing up as and what is an energetic match for that version of you. 

The universe is always supporting you (whether or not it’s in the ways that you want!) – but here’s the nuance: The universe doesn’t see things as “right” or “wrong,” or “good or bad.” In the eyes of the universe, everything just is. You are being supported in whatever your subconscious beliefs and overall signal are sending out. For example, you might be stuck in a cycle of thinking “I have such bad luck with romantic relationships – I only ever attract toxic partners.” Because that’s the belief you have and the frequency you’re vibrating at, the universe might support you in this area of your life by giving you more of what you don’t want – toxic relationships. Whatever we focus our attention and our energy on – especially if it is aligned with our subconscious beliefs – is what the universe sends our way! 

So how do you send a strong message to the universe about what you do want? The message the universe receives about what you want isn’t just based on what you verbally ask for, it’s also taking other signals into consideration – your overall vibration, the decisions you make, your feelings, and your emotions – and identifying what’s an energetic match (I cover this concept in-depth in this podcast episode). So, if you find yourself feeling, thinking, and acting from a place of “I’m not good enough for this,” the universe will continue to support this belief!

Here’s an example: You tell yourself you’re ready to receive a raise at work, but your vibration says otherwise – you still doubt that you are good enough for your boss to recognize your accomplishments. Your thoughts and your vibration aren’t aligned, so you’re sending a mixed signal to the universe.  Because subconscious beliefs often have a stronger influence on your overall vibration than your thoughts, the net signal you are sending is probably telling the universe that you’d rather stay stuck and unrecognized than receive the raise.

On the flip side, you might be telling other people (and yourself!) that you’re not really ready for a raise, but deep down you feel certain that you are deserving and ready to receive it. 

When you do the deep work to feel whole and worthy at your core, you raise your frequency and emit a very powerful signal. When your thoughts align with your subconscious beliefs that you are ready and worthy of receiving, this is when you send a crystal clear signal to the universe about what you really want to call in!

The key to attracting what we really want and sending out a clear signal to the universe is authenticity. When you embody your most authentic self, you can more easily attract what is in alignment with your highest good. Ask yourself who you want to be, and start making decisions from that energy.

If you’re ready to identify and work through any limiting beliefs that are blocking you from manifesting what you want, be sure to check out the Brain Rewiring section of The Channel Collective monthly membership! And if you haven’t already done my 30-Day 5D Ascension Challenge (it’s completely free!) it’s the perfect place to start if you want to go deeper, raise your frequency, and become an energetic match for what you want to call in.

I can’t wait to see you around!


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