How to Shift Out of Low-Vibration Emotions

low vibe emotions


2020 was a crazy year, and you might have found yourself down the rabbit-hole of negativity and low-vibe thoughts at some point. From the challenges the world faces as a whole to the personal challenges you may have dealt with over this past year, many people found themselves feeling stuck in a cycle of negative thoughts and emotions. I’ll remind you – LET YOURSELF FEEL. We all go through it, and there is a way to break free from these thoughts so you can immediately feel better and start vibing higher again. 

One of the MOST important things I stress to clients is that thoughts are a CHOICE. As tough as it might feel sometimes, you do have the power to shift out of negative thoughts and into more positive ones. Once you do, you raise your vibration and get back on track towards living in alignment.

Today, I’m sharing three simple steps to help you break out of low-vibration thoughts and emotions so you can start shifting your own to live your best life. 

1. When you catch yourself experiencing a negative thought, PAUSE.

The first step in shifting out of low-vibration emotions is actually recognizing the negative thoughts (that can sometimes pop up unexpectedly!) that cause them. As soon as you recognize a negative thought, take a minute to pause and challenge yourself to dig a little deeper into the thought. Ask yourself exactly what you’re feeling and why this thought has surfaced. Was there a specific trigger? Do these thoughts happen as part of a pattern? If so, what kind of pattern is it that you notice? Where / how did you learn that pattern?

It isn’t always easy to determine the root causes of thoughts like these, so journaling can be a really helpful way to identify any underlying patterns and triggers. Write down everything you can, and just let your pen flow. What else can you learn from what you’ve written down?

Practicing noticing negative thoughts and stopping them in their tracks will help you become more aware in the future and be able to shift out of them more quickly! You can’t shift what you aren’t aware of.

2. Don’t pressure yourself to go from one extreme to the other.

You don’t have to shift from feeling super down to extreme bliss in just seconds – so don’t put so much pressure on yourself! If you try to force yourself to make a complete 180, you might end up getting frustrated and not making any progress at all.

Instead of focusing on going from one extreme to another, take baby steps and focus on shifting your thought up to the next-highest vibration emotion. You can do this by adding onto the negative thought, like going from “I feel helpless,” to “I know the steps I can take to start feeling better.” – or by thinking, “maybe I don’t feel helpless, but I do feel disappointed in the situation,” and continue to work your way towards a slightly more positive emotion each time. Pick whichever method from above you feel most comfortable with and run with it! These are both great ways to help you shift out of low-vibration emotions into thoughts that leave you feeling better.

3. Slowly work your way up the emotion ladder until you feel ready to move on.

Once you’ve gone from one thought to the next, don’t stop there! Continue working up to the next highest vibration. For example, you might shift from feeling helpless, to angry, to frustrated, to indifferent, to content, and so on. Keep track of your progress by journaling or even jotting down specific thoughts on a piece of paper. This will remind you of how far you’ve come and allow you to continue working your way up the ladder. 

Once you feel at peace with your newly-shifted thought, you’ll know that you’re ready to move on. Thank yourself for taking the time to do the work, and find ways to apply these skills to other thoughts and other areas of your life, too!

Once you’re vibing higher, you’ll be a magnet for more positivity in ALL areas of your life. (Remember, “opposites attract” doesn’t apply here – you’ll attract what is your vibrational match

By shifting your mindset and embracing positivity, you’ll also enhance your ability to manifest what you want. Think about it – it’s SO much easier to attract what you want if you’re in the mindset of being open to receiving than in a negative mindset where you have trouble believing in the possibility of change. Plus, we are manifesting whether or not we are conscious of it, so might as well take control and call in high-vibrational things!

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