How to Tune Into the Frequency of Truth

How to Tune Into the Frequency of Truth

In today’s society, it’s so easy to feel trapped by the dichotomy of “good” vs. “bad” and “right” vs. “wrong.” So many people try to seek out the truth, but they find themselves pressured into picking between two extremes – and sometimes, neither option feels good (especially when we get caught up in all of the finger-pointing)! People often become so focused on trying to nail down what is the “truth”, that they tend to completely miss the point: Your truth is what feels good to you. (If you haven’t already listened to this podcast episode on The Frequency of Truth, be sure to check it out!)

If you’re ready to move beyond choosing what is “right” or “good” and start following what actually feels aligned to you, there are a few simple things you can do to start to tune into the frequency of truth.

In order to fully tune into what is in the frequency of truth for you, get comfortable with trusting yourself and listening to your intuition (this is where a lot of people get stuck!). Many of us have been conditioned to rely on other people for the answers and to seek external validation when we do form an opinion of our own. When we allow ourselves to trust ourselves, our vision doesn’t get clouded by other people’s opinions – and we realize that we don’t need anything or anyone else to tell us what is true for us.

Once you fully trust yourself, you can start to notice how you feel in certain situations. When you’re confronted with someone or something that makes you question what you believe, tune into how the situation is making you feel physically – our bodies give us so many signals, and many people tend to overlook them! Next time you come across an Instagram post preaching a certain lifestyle or belief system, notice how your body responds: Are you tense? Do you feel sick to your stomach? Do you feel energetically drained? Once you’re fully aware of how you feel physically, pay attention to your intuition. Is your logical brain telling you to believe what’s in front of you, but your heart is saying something else? These are all cues that what we’re confronted with is not vibrating at the frequency of truth. 

When we’re able to tune into what’s vibrating at the frequency of truth, we’re able to live our lives in a way that feels aligned, magical, and overall good. We’re able to take “leaps of faith” that we know will work out in the end (regardless of how “risky” others might perceive them to be), because we trust our intuition and are listening to our truth. The clearer you become on your own truth, the more evident it becomes when things in your life are out of alignment and need to be shifted.

Start to pay attention to what vibrates at the frequency of truth for you, and watch the magic start to unfold!

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