La Comida en Sevilla (Spain Part 2)

This took me a grossly long time to upload, but I couldn’t not. Who doesn’t love food pics?!

Lobster with Mangos & Bok Choy

Cauliflower Puree

The food in Sevilla was so damn delicious. I was in heaven, eating like a queen. From my experience, some of the most popular foods and drinks there are paella, ham, pork, tuna, potatoes, bread, gelato, churros, coffee, and wine, amongst other things. I’m a brunch fanatic, so the fact that the people of Sevilla don’t really do the whole “breakfast” thing was rough for me. But I did my best to embrace the culture, and I adjusted pretty quickly. Besides that one day when we cheated and found a green smoothie shop for breakie! 😉 (Shhh, don’t tell!)

Salmon Tartare

Duck with Sautéed Vegetables

Pork Cheek

Salmon Salad

Tapas are big in Spain, and I have sort of a love-hate relationship with them. In case you don’t know, tapas are basically just smaller portions of a meal. Like appetizer-size. I love them because small portions mean you can try a bunch of different things on the menu before you get full. This is ideal for someone who is extremely indecisive like me, because I don’t have to choose my entree. I can have it all! The worry that I’ll order a huge dinner and then hate it is no more – if I order a tapa and don’t like it, no harm done. It’s like the ultimate tasting party! While the small portions are a blessing in that sense, I also hate small portions because they don’t fill me up. I eat a lot of food in general, and I had to order more than one entree to feel full when we ate out at restaurants. Soooo I had to order a ridiculously large number of tapas to feel even slightly satisfied. It wasn’t a problem when I wanted to try everything on the menu, but I felt kind of silly when I ordered the same thing multiple times.

Duck with Sweet Potato Mash

I ate a lot of pork and tuna during my trip to Sevilla. I don’t eat either of those very often when I’m at home, so it was really nice to switch things up. I was so impressed with the quality of the food. My friend was super prepared and had already chosen all of the best restaurants in the area, so my impression might be biased, but I obviously I don’t mind. I don’t think I had a single bad meal. The meat was always tender and cooked to perfection. The fish was insanely fresh. Everything just tasted real, and it was all so rich. Not in a “I’m going to vomit because that was so rich” kind of way, more like a “I could melt into a pile of liquid happiness right now” kinda way. My favorite meal was definitely a leg of lamb over sautéed veggies. I’ve seriously never had lamb this perfectly cooked in my life. My eyes practically rolled to the back of my head when I took the first bite, and I can still imagine the taste in my mouth. I don’t know if you can tell from the picture, but the lamb was pretty much the size of my head. No complaints there.

Leg of Lamb

Tuna with Zoodles

I won’t lie – before I arrived, I was a bit worried about how difficult it would be for me to find meals because of my food allergies. I thought it would be a struggle to communicate my food intolerances and to be sure that what I was being served was actually “safe,” which made me apprehensive about the trip initially. I was honestly really scared that I would feel sick the entire time because of the food. However, I was very pleasantly surprised to find that 95% of the restaurants we went to were very well-informed, responsive, and accommodating to my dietary needs. First of all, it was incredibly helpful that most menus were written in both Spanish and English, which helped clear up most ambiguity. Second, I was impressed with how many menus were clearly labelled with different symbols to help people with numerous food allergies navigate their dining choices. Dairy, soy, gluten, corn, eggs – every common type of food allergy was covered. Additionally, the servers were almost always willing to make modifications to things on the menu to accommodate my needs, and I was so grateful. It can be tricky being a foodie with food intolerances, but I’m happy to say it was definitely not a struggle in Sevilla.

I have to tell it like it is – America needs to step up its game in terms of its food’s freshness and quality. Sevilla took the win on that one. The food was divine, and I’d definitely give it a 10/10.

Pork with Mashed Potatoes


Mint Quinoa

Vegan Ravioli

Sea Bream Ceviche

Chicken Apple Walnut Salad


Sea Bream

Chocolate Lava Cake

Chocolate-Filled Churros

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