La La Le Zinque!

There are few things I enjoy more than great food and fabulous company. Last night I met up with a friend of mine for dinner in West Hollywood to celebrate her birthday and new job (so proud!). Things have been craaaazy busy for both of us lately, so catching up was a must, and she suggested Zinque for the occasion!

Side note: Not sure if it’s technically just Zinque or if the official name is Le Zinque… the sign says Zinque but the website says Le Zinque so I’m slightly confused. Moving on.

I had no idea what Zinque was, so obviously I needed to try it. This particular friend of mine is my go-to girl for trendy restaurant recommendations – she’s like a living Yelp app with all the right filters and no biased, ranting comments. When I got there, I immediately knew it was my kinda place. Quaint yet chic, with an understated upscale vibe but a relaxed, cosmopolitan atmosphere. The weather was absolutely gorgeous – perfect for enjoying a warm summer night over a delicious dinner. The outside fireplace and patio lights were romantic and inviting, creating just the right ambiance for a classy girl’s night or an elegant dinner date. Not tooooo fancy, but definitely not a burger joint.

I got the Rotisserie Chicken Salad with Avocado added, so basically I got the Avocado-Arugula-Tomato salad with added chicken. I just wanted to be tricky and order it in the most confusing way possible.

My friend got “Le Bowl,” (brown rice, avo, tomato, arugula, comte, parmesan, cilantro, siracha) with the egg white frittata. One of us needed to get Le Bowl because it seemed like “the thing” to get there. Does anyone else feel obligated to order certain things on menus just because they sound important, or is that just me…?

Anyways, my salad tasted as divine as it looked. The warm rotisserie chicken was cooked to perfection and practically melted in my mouth. That combined with the juicy tomatoes, soft avocado, and yummy arugula made it a complete winner in my book, and I am very particular about my salads. While I can’t speak for my friend’s taste buds, Le Bowl seemed to be pretttttty tasty as well. I might try one next time if I’m feeling adventurous, but the warm chicken satisfied all my cravings that particular evening as we discussed life transitions and pursuing our passions. I also thought a lot about how  my waitress looked exactly like Jennifer Connelly, and I think she caught me staring at her a few times.

Overall, I would definitely recommend Zinque and would love to go back. I have my eye on the grilled prawns with herbs and the smoked salmon carpaccio. Yummmm.

If anyone else enjoys (Le?) Zinque, let me know what to try next on the menu! Also, if you have restaurant recommendations in the LA area – you know where to leave them. (cough cough, comments.)

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