Nervous System Regulation for Manifestation

One of the most common (and overlooked) manifestation blocks is a dysregulated nervous system. The universe is generous and really only gives us what we can handle. That means if our nervous systems aren’t ready to “handle” more, we won’t receive more. Here are a few practical examples of this –

1. You want an income leap – let’s say you want to go from $10k months to $50k months. That’s a big shift for your nervous system. If your nervous system is on overdrive at $10k months, then $50k months will definitely register as “too much” to your body, so we won’t attract it in. We have to feel safe to receive more–which means feeling totally safe and chill where we’re at now, if we want to expand the container. If your nervous system is freaking out managing $10k months (that could be actual money management or the lifestyle you’re living to make that amount), then how could it feel safe to hold $50k months?

2. You want to manifest your life partner. But if you’re still holding onto pain, grief, or trauma from a previous relationship–will you feel safe enough to trust, to be seen, or to open your heart? Our nervous systems need to be regulated to feel safe to be in an intimate relationship and go all the way in.

What I’m getting at is – one of the most common reasons why people don’t attract in what they want is because their nervous systems are dysregulated, and that starts with how we are feeling as a baseline in our daily lives. If on a daily basis you feel anxious, overwhelmed, pulled in too many directions, running on empty, and / or running on adrenaline, do not be surprised when the universe does not send you “more.” If we can’t handle where we’re already at, it’s quite generous the universe isn’t sending more our way. (I cover this in depth in my manifestation course, Abundance Accelerator.)

If you want to start manifesting effortlessly, start with supporting your nervous system daily. If you are feeling calm and peaceful in your daily life, you will be SUPER magnetic. This is why supporting your physical health is very necessary to fully unlocking your manifestation abilities. It does not have to be complicated. Simple works! Here are my top tips for daily nervous system support.

1. Connect with the earth. Get your feet on the grass, sand, or dirt. Hug a tree. Physically touch the earth to get those lovely negative ions.

2. Ned full-spectrum hemp oil–this has been my saving grace for YEARS. It is what totally transformed my health overall, got rid of my anxiety, has helped me sleep like a baby, and balanced my hormones (my period was missing for four years before I started taking this…). I tell everyone about it because it has truly saved my life. Ned is the highest quality full-spectrum hemp oil on the market–you know how picky I am with ingredients! You have to watch out for CBD because so many of them contain inflammatory oils and natural flavors, produced in a way that actually destroys the benefits, or claiming to contain a certain amount of CBD when there’s barely any at all.

I start with the De-Stress Blend in the morning first thing to support my endocannabinoid system / calm me for the day, and I take the Sleep blend every evening before bed. I have tried every sleep supplement under the sun. Nothing is as good as Ned Sleep blend. I easily fall and stay asleep – game changer. (Use my code “Christina” at checkout when you place an order with Ned to get 15% off your first purchase or 20% off your first subscription!)

3. Gratitude & deep breaths. I incorporate both of these into my routine when I’m taking my Ned! Easy to habit stack, and when you set intention the formulas are even more powerful 🙂 I say 3 things I’m grateful for, morning and evening when I take my Ned (I hold it under my tongue for a minute before swallowing). Then I take 5-10 deep breaths, exaggerating my exhale. Using your breath is one of the most powerful ways to shift into parasympathetic (rest and digest) state.

4. Magnesium – Almost everyone is deficient in magnesium because of how depleted our soil is. Magnesium is one of the most important minerals in the body, supporting over 300 essential functions, and why I’m highlighting it here is because it helps boost memory, mood, brain function, stress response, sleep, energy, and nerve and muscle health. That being said, most magnesium people take isn’t an absorbable form. I take Ned Mello magnesium every evening for my daily magnesium–it contains 3 forms of chelated magnesium + amino acids, L-theanine, and GABA, designed for optimal absorption and to give the body extra relaxation support. I’m OBSESSED with the Meyer Lemon –it tastes like a healthy lemonade!

5. Legs up the wall–I lay on the ground and put my legs up the wall for 10-15 minutes to get my body into parasympathetic mode.

6. Meditation, journaling, energy work, soul work – daily non-negotiable for me– I outline my practices in the Channel Collective.

7. Boundaries–a whole topic on its own, but one of the most important ways I regulate my nervous system. If I feel pulled in too many directions by people or projects, I get stuck in sympathetic mode. Boundaries allow our nervous systems to feel safe 🙂 Don’t be afraid to say no!

Try out a few of these practices consistently and notice the difference. A regulated nervous system makes a powerful manifestor!

p.s. Use my code “Christina” at checkout when you place an order with Ned to get 15% off your first purchase or 20% off your first subscription!

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