NY: The Food Diaries

Part 2 of my NY diary is here (finally) and it’s my favorite part. FOOD! No shame – I’m a total foodie. I researched and planned our restaurant choices waaaay ahead of time because I was not going to waste a perfectly good New York excursion on a boring meal at Olive Garden. Aaaaand my planning was well worth it – the food was incredible. A combination of my own research and some fab recommendations from friends allowed me to experience the best foodie trip I could’ve asked for. There was a slight hiccup… I’m a total brunch babe, and NY isn’t exactly up to par with LA brunchin’. I’m sorry I said it! Don’t get me wrong, we ate at some incredible places. But overall, if I’m being the harsh critic that I am, I would give Los Angeles an A+ on the trendy, yummy brunch spots, whereas New York was kicking ass in the dinner department (which LA is slackin’ on)! So the two evened out. I’m tough to please, I know, but I know what I like! Bottom line though – NY is the place for a food lover, and I was oh-so-satisfied with my experience. And now, the pics. (asldfa;ksldjf;lksjdfa;sdjk EXCITEMENT!)

Lunch at the Boathouse

The chickpea puree had me falling off my chair. That good.

Am I in 27 Dresses yet?

Little Italy had me drowning in pastries.

What’s Little Italy without a latte?

If people can die from it, you know it must be good.

Coconut sorbet with strawberries after a divine dinner at Due

Some quick brunchin’ post Empire State Building at Friedman’s

Embracing my inner Scottish vibes with a pre-Broadway meal at St. Andrews

Soaking up allllll the Good-ness. That almond coconut bread was too good to be legal.

This is how we do appetizers. Just a little hungry.

I felt classy when the whole fish came out, but also a little nervous because I generally don’t like eyeballs on my plate.

“Dessert, compliments of the kitchen.”

If anyone can explain the above scenario to me, I would gladly appreciate it.

Has there ever been such a perfect crab cake benedict?

Sarabeth’s did not disappoint. Gettin’ a head start on pumpkin muffins for fall!

Dining at The Butcher’s Daughter was probably my favorite meal of the entire trip. The food was so fresh, flavorful, and delectable. Plus the ambiance was adorable. Bright flowers and inviting wooden tables on a warm summer night? Yes please!

The remnants of the MOST INCREDIBLE DESSERT I HAVE EVER HAD. I wish I had taken a photo of the entire thing, but I was too eager to devour most of it before remembering to snap a pic. Ice cream sandwich comprised of two soft, warm chocolate chip scones, creamy banana-walnut ice cream, homemade raspberry preserves, and fresh fruit. I never thought I would feel this way about an “ice cream sandwich,” but this was the king of all kings. My tongue almost fell off from satisfaction.

Alice’s Tea Cup was heaven for a tea addict like myself. The extensive tea menu was almost too good to be true. My personal favorite was the Vanilla Coconut Chai Blend – gave me those warm, tingly holiday feelings and soothed my soul. Is there anything more adorable than mismatched tea sets and freshly made scones?

Roasted pears with asparagus? That’s how you brunch.

The Spotted Pig’s decor was on point. There was a moment where I fantasized I was entering the Hog’s Head in Hogsmeade…

Photos don’t do it justice, but this was the best fish I have ever been served. Black Bass for the win!

To order the Zillion Dollar Frittata or not… #DifficultDecisions

I amend my previous statement – my meal at ABC Kitchen was also at the top of my list for best NYC dinner. Can we just appreciate how perfect the crab toast looks? And I don’t even have words for the toasted almond sorbet. #DiedandGonetoHeaven

All my fellow foodies – let me know your favorite spots to dine! XX

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