Sundays, Sunlife Organics, & Malibu Farm

Yesterday was a great Sunday.

Last week was rough for me, so I needed to get my mind off things. I needed to relax, do something different, and surround myself with positive energy.

I have also been freaking out about the fact that it’s almost September, because that means school is right around the corner. I’m running out of time to work on my massive summertime to-do list, and it’s nowhere near being completed. Struggles.

I decided that a day in Malibu with my friends was just what I needed. I’ve actually never been to Malibu before, which most people are shocked to hear. Hanging out in Malibu is super basic, so it seems like something I would have done by now. NOPE. I’ve been slacking.

Yesterday was the perfect day to knock a few things off the to-do list – visit Malibu, hang out at the pier, go to Sunlife Organics, and eat at Malibu Farm. BAM. All while spending quality time with friends, which was honestly the main thing I needed. Might as well eat yummy things at the same time, right?

Let’s start off with Sunlife Organics. I’ve been lusting over smoothie and acai bowl pics from Sunlife for what seems like a century, so I’ve been dying to go. There are a few locations, but we went to the one closest to Malibu Farm. We got there right before it got super crowded, which was a plus, but the line was still long. It was so adorable inside. There was a refrigerated section with healthy grab-and-go food, including some BOMB desserts. I had my eye on the carrot cake and coconut cream pie, but I had to stay focused. Just mentioning this in case you want to get some food-food (not a smoothie) while you’re there.

Decor was on point, as expected. There’s a huge purple crystal near the front door, which I was all about. GOOD VIBES, MAN. They also sold other health food shop essentials – nuts, powders, MCT oil, vitamins and supplements, nut butters, chocolate bars, fancy skincare, yummy candles, etc.

I especially loved how the entire cooking area was open and visible. There’s something extra exciting about a restaurant where you can watch your food being made. Also, I just feel better when there are no behind-the-counter secrets. I know no one is hijacking my smoothie with inflammatory oils or gluten.

The menu was honestly very overwhelming, in the best way possible. I wanted it all. All of the acai bowls looked DELICIOUS, but my friends and I got smoothies. Acai bowls are pretty rough on my stomach, TBH, so I wanted to make sure I’d be able to handle my lunch without major stomach pains. I loved watching them make the bowls, though. Acai bowls are so pretty. There’s something about toppings…I’m planning on going back soon to try an acai bowl, though, don’t you worry.

I was deciding between Wolverine, The Alchemist, and the Vanilla Protein Shake. I secretly wanted the Million Dollar or Billion Dollar smoothie, but I wasn’t fully mentally prepared. They look INSANE. We’re talking a TON of superfood ingredients all swirled together. It’s intense. I ended up going with the Vanilla Protein Shake, and it was BOMB. Like, vanilla on crack. I’ve never had a vanilla shake like that before, and it was SO THICK, which I’m obsessed with. The thicker the better.

My friends got Fountain of Youth, Black Gold, and the Peanut Butter Chocolate Protein Shake. Everyone was very satisfied, to say the least. Fountain of Youth tasted like fruity fabulousness, of course. I also tried the Peanut Butter Chocolate shake, and it literally tasted like a liquid Reeces Pieces cup. NOM.

After Sunlife, we shopped for a bit and then made our way over to the pier. After taking an obnoxious amount of photos, it was time for lunch at Malibu Farm Pier Cafe.

JUST TO CLARIFY – Malibu Farm Restaurant is the restaurant that you see right when you get to the pier. It’s a tad fancier, a bit more expensive, and is the kind of place where you get seated and served. The menu is slightly different from Malibu Farm Pier Cafe, which is at the end of the pier. At the pier cafe, you line up, order at the counter, take a number, find a seat, and they bring you your food. It’s more casual and a little bit cheaper, but both are pretty expensive. Malibu Farm Restaurant is more of a lunch/dinner kinda place and Malibu Farm Pier Cafe is more of a breakfast/lunch kinda place.

The ambiance of both restaurants is on point. Beachy, trendy, classic Malibu. The views are gorgeous. There’s nothing like dining with a view of the sparkling blue water in front of you and the sound of the waves crashing against the beach. At the Pier Cafe, you might be able to snag a spot on the rooftop, which offers an even more incredible view. You can see for miles out into the ocean – it feels endless, and it’s beyond gorgeous.

Both restaurants are very popular, which means they’re very busy. If you want to eat at the Restaurant, make reservations. If you’re eating at the Pier Cafe, try and have someone else order for you while you look for a table. There’s not enough seating for how many people are there, so it can take awhile to find seating. We split up and found a table pretty quickly, but we got lucky.

I got the Vegan Chop Salad without beets and garbanzo beans, and I added salmon, obvi. You know I’m obsessed with salmon… The salad had kale, romaine, avocado, and butternut squash. The salmon was cooked perfectly and was super flavorful. It was warm and soft on the inside but crispy on the outside. Yummmmm!

Nina got the Vegan Chop Salad with no subs – kale, romaine, beets, butternut squash, avo, and garbanzo beans.

My other two friends both got the Chicken, Ricotta, and Bacon Burgers. One got gluten-free bread, and the other got a regular bun. YES, Malibu Farm has gluten-free bread! Just ask. We were confused when the burgers came out because we couldn’t see any ricotta or bacon, so my friends thought they got jipped. Forgetting bacon is a big deal! When we asked the waiter, he explained that the ricotta and bacon are actually inside the patty. So the patty is a fancy medley of chicken, ricotta, and bacon all mashed together. Tricky. Their burgers came with an arugula salad and some broccoli mashed potatoes. How genius is that?! BROCCOLI MIXED WITH MASHED POTATOES. I die.

The meal was sooo delicious, and I was happy as a clam. I was with amazing people, eating the best food, and overlooking a breathtaking view. The moment was as big as the ocean. It was exactly what I needed to reset, recenter, and appreciate everything I have. It was a good Sunday.

I would highly highly recommend both Sunlife Organics and Malibu Farm if you haven’t been yet! I cannot wait to go back. Also, do you have any favorite spots in Malibu that you think I should visit next? Let me know! XO

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