The Most Common Energetic Blocks to Bringing in More Money

Abundance Energy Healing sessions are one of my favorite parts of No BS Biz School because we truly get to the root of any energetic blocks to abundance. I see some of the most profound shifts for my clients after this point in the program, specifically. While everyone has a unique energy body with different imbalances / blocks, there are common themes that pop up around abundance blocks with the women I coach. Here are some of the most common:

1. Root Chakra Imbalances:

The root chakra (1st chakra, at the base of the spine) is all about stability, balance, & grounding. Feeling unstable in any area of your life (job, finances, etc.) is a sign that your root chakra is blocked. Some tips for rebalancing your root chakra to support abundance, specifically, are to bring more of the color red into your life, practice daily grounding, practice abundance affirmations, eat grounding foods, stop traveling or changing locations so much, and create a step-by-step plan to reach your business goals! On my Instagram, I go more in depth on how to make these changes – which you can find here.

2. Sacral Chakra Imbalances:

The sacral chakra (2nd chakra, below the navel) is how we relate to our emotions, the emotions of others (romantic relationships, family, etc.), sexuality, and creativity. Some tips to rebalance this chakra are to learn to dance more with your feminine energy, embrace your sexuality, and feel safe in a creative space. All of these are key for rebalancing and embracing your feminine and sacral chakra energy.

3. Solar Plexus Reactivation of Confidence:

The solar plexus (3rd chakra, in the stomach area) is all about your ability to be confident and in control of your life. If this chakra is blocked, you may feel overwhelming self-doubt and shame that keep you from pursuing your dreams. When our solar plexus is balanced, we are able to freely express our true selves without fear, doubt, or insecurity. Practicing self-love, reframing limiting beliefs, and stepping into your feminine energy all help reactivate this chakra.

4. Embracing Your Truth:

I see so many women not focusing on their truth in THIS current experience and spending too much time stuck in other timelines. Focusing on times that may not have worked out, where you felt unsafe, or where things felt unstable is not going to help you attract abundance! We have to focus on the current moment and look towards the future – how and who we WANT to be. Embracing our current truth, not the faults of the past make us more likely to call in the reality we really want and accomplish our goals. The other side of this is embracing the truth of who you really are. Stop trying to be anyone else. It’s when you fully step into the truth of who you are, and unapologetically live that truth in the most loving way, that you attract abundance effortlessly.

5. Being Stuck in the Freeze State:

The body can either be in flow, or it can be in the freeze state. Think of your fight-or-flight response. You can be in the parasympathetic, rest-and-digest state, or the sympathetic, fight-or-flight state, or a level up – stuck in FREEZE because you’ve been stressed for so long! A lot of the time people find themselves in the freeze state after periods of feeling inadequate, stuck, or out of control. If you had a business before that didn’t work out the way you wanted, this can cause a lot of limiting beliefs, doubt, and negative self-talk. If you previously struggled with chronic health issues or trauma, your body could be used to being in the sympathetic state, so much so that it got caught in freeze. Being in this state blocks your flow to abundance.

6. Releasing Cords:

Energetic cords are energetic connections to people, situations, or emotions that we’ve held onto from this or other lifetimes. Sometimes these cords can be energizing and other times they can be draining and / or hold us down. I see a lot of clients with cords tied to their parents’ or ancestors’ fears and money stories. To release these cords, we need to break out of the framework we were taught is the “right” way, create a new story for ourselves, and release what is no longer ours to bear.

It’s because we get to the energetic root of what’s blocking abundance that this deep work opens up far more than your business growth – you’ll also notice changes in your relationships, understanding of yourself, health, and intuition.

I love marketing strategy, but this part of Biz School is more fulfilling and powerful. Enrollment is now open for the next round of my program, No Bullshit Business School! This will be the last round until 2021, so if you’re an entrepreneur that wants to dive into business strategies AND get to the energetic root of your blocks, make sure you apply here!

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