My Most-Used Essential Oils

Essential oils have become a huge part of my daily routine in the last year, and I honestly cannot imagine my life without them. Before I really became interested in essential oils, I thought they were a little “woo-woo” and didn’t truly believe they could make that big a difference. Then, I finally got my hands on high-quality oils and started using them regularly. My mind completely changed. Essential oils truly have so many uses for both emotional and physical health. They are nature’s medicine, and I love that I have a natural, nontoxic remedy for almost every issue that comes up in my life.

That being said, I wanted to compile a list of my most-used essential oils so you could get a better idea of exactly how I incorporate these into my life. Narrowing down this list was actually incredibly difficult – I didn’t realize how many oils I truly depend on every day. I only use oils from doTERRA because I completely trust their sourcing and feel comfortable putting them in and on my body. Unfortunately, many essential oil brands sell oils that are not 100% pure, so it’s important to do your research. If you’d like to learn more about getting started with essential oils and why I use doTERRA, check out my Essential Oils Start Guide!

Peppermint: Peppermint oil is an extremely diverse oil, and it’s one I recommend everyone start out with. First, peppermint is great for respiratory function, clearing the sinuses, and relieving colds and coughs. Whenever I feel “stuffy,” in any sense of the word, I diffuse peppermint oil. Peppermint oil is also excellent for increasing focus, so I like to diffuse this when I have a particularly stressful workday and need to really buckle down and be productive. I also love to use peppermint for digestion. If I’m having stomach pain, I’ll rub peppermint oil on my stomach, drink it in warm water, or take it in a veggie capsule. Peppermint is also great for pain relief, especially for headaches. If I ever have a headache, I’ll rub peppermint oil on my temples and on the back of my neck. If anywhere else in my body aches or feels sore, I rub peppermint oil on that area as well, and it aways helps reduce the pain. Lastly, I love to use it in cooking! It’s a great substitute for mint extract – I put it in smoothies, brownies, and sauces.

Lemon: Lemon is another oil that I believe everyone should have in their arsenal! Lemon is great for cleaning and detox. I use lemon oil to create cleaning products for around my apartment. Citruses in general are great for uplifting, so I like to diffuse this when I feel like I need some extra uplifting emotionally or when I want the air to be a bit “cleaner.” I also like to put a drop of this in warm lemon water to help with detox and digestion. Lemon oil is also great for baking and cooking! I use this in my Lemon Bar Smoothie, for example.

Lavender – Lavender is the third oil that I truly think everyone should have. Lavender is known for its relaxing and calming properties, both mentally and physically. I use my lavender oil every night before bed in order to help me relax and get ready for a restful night’s sleep. I usually put lavender oil on my wrists and a drop on my pillow each night! I also use this oil any time I am feeling anxious by diffusing it, inhaling it, or applying it to the back of my neck. Lavender is one of my favorite oils for emotional health and can have a huge impact on anxiety and depression. Lavender is also great for skin and muscle irritation. I’ve used this for sore muscles, for bruised body parts, and for burns, and it really helps reduce the pain and discomfort. When I accidentally got my hand trapped in a fan (true story), I put lavender and peppermint on the area and the pain completely went away.

Ginger – Ginger is great for anyone who struggles with digestive issues or nausea. Anytime my stomach is upset, I rub ginger on my abdomen, put a drop of ginger in warm water to drink, or put some ginger in a veggie cap to ingest. I don’t get sick very often, but if I’m ever feeling nauseous, this is my go-to. If you struggle with bloating or constipation, ginger is a must for your oils kit.

On Guard – On Guard is doTERRA’s protective blend for supporting immune function. When you think of On Guard, think antibacterial. I diffuse this anytime I’m worried I might get sick, or if the air needs a bit of “cleaning.” I also ingest this in a veggie capsule as a natural cold medicine anytime I feel like I’m getting sick. It is very powerful and is great if you’re looking for a natural remedy that has antiviral and antibacterial properties. Because of its antibacterial properties, it’s also great for cleaning! I use all of doTERRA’s On Guard products for cleaning, but I also have used this oil alone to create my own natural surface cleaners.

Digest Zen: This is another must for anyone who struggles with digestive issues. This blend from doTERRA is specially designed to address stomach upset, and it definitely works. Whenever I’ve eaten something that doesn’t sit well with me, I rub this on my stomach and/or ingest it in a veggie capsule to help relieve the discomfort. This is also useful for anyone who struggles with constipation or diarrhea. It’s basically gut support in a bottle!

Serenity: I diffuse this every evening like clockwork to get me ready for bed. This blend from doTERRA is extremely calming and relaxing, and it always helps me unwind after a long day. It contains Lavender along with a few other oils, so I also like to use this anytime I’m feeling anxious or overwhelmed. I’ll apply it to the bottoms of my feet or to my pulse points for extra support. This is actually my most used oil – I go through 1-2 bottles a month!

Rose: Rose has become my everyday perfume. I feel incomplete without it! I apply this to my chest and the back of my neck each morning. Rose is incredibly uplifting, and I really do notice a huge difference in my mood on days when I forget to apply it. I’ve told my friends – I feel like rose gives me power. I can’t really describe it. Besides using this as perfume, rose is known to help even out the skin tone and balance out the complexion.

Balance: This is generally my default when picking what to diffuse on an average day. This blend promotes relaxation and calm, helping to ease anxiety. It’s extremely grounding and balancing, which is exactly what I need for a hectic workday. This blend is the perfect mix of sweet, deep, and earthy. It contains Spruce, which has been used by Native American cultures for years for emotional, spiritual, and physical health, and to promote harmony in the body.

Clary Sage: Clary Sage is very calming and can help promote a restful night’s sleep, but the reason I love it so much is for its hormone-balancing properties. I apply this to my abdomen every day to help regulate my hormones. When you’re menstruating, this is great to apply for any pain / mood / PMS symptoms. It’s also great in baths, or to add into your shampoo and conditioner to improve the health of your hair and scalp!

Frankincense: Frankincense is truly the king of the oils, and a must in my oils collection. Frankincense has almost too many properties to count. It promotes peace and tranquility, so it’s incredibly comforting and grounding in times when you feel like you need some extra love and support. I love to diffuse Frankincense or apply it to the bottom of my feet at times when I need peace of mind or to feel emotional support and comfort. It can also be taken internally to promote healthy cellular function and to support your immune, nervous, and digestive systems. I apply this to my third eye as a form of hypothalamic support, as well. Frankincense can also be applied directly to the skin to help with skin imperfections. It truly does it all!

I could go on, but I think I’ll cap it off there. Like I said, these oils are extremely diverse, and I’ve gotten so used to turning to them as a natural fix for almost everything that now I can’t imagine being without them! While these are the ones I use and replace most often, there are many more that I truly love. If you use essential oils, I’d love to hear what your most-used are!

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