What Are the Akashic Records?

If you’ve never heard of the Akashic Records, you’re not alone – many people don’t know about (or, at least fully understand) them.

I started exploring the Akashic records a few years ago, and later realized I had been working with them without even realizing it in my spiritual work. I went on to get formally trained in working with the Akashic records later on, and now they are one of the most valuable tools I have in my psychic / energetic toolbelt!

The Basics of the Records

The Akashic Records are also known as “The Book of Life” or “God’s Book of Remembrance.”They are known to store ALL of the data of everyone who has ever lived – or will ever live – in this world. That means every thought you’ve had, every emotion you’ve felt, and every decision you’ve made are recorded in this computer-like system, forever – along with those of everyone else. They are a record of your soul’s journey.

The Records dictate how each of our lives are intertwined with others’, and can influence whether we come into contact with certain people or not, see certain people again or not, or connect with certain people or not. In addition, they can influence other aspects of our lives, from our aspirations to our ideas. They can help us explain recurring patterns or themes in our lives, make sense of relationships, and help us manifest. The Records shed light on our other “past” lives and how they are influencing our current reality, as well as the possibilities of what can occur in the future. Accessing the Akashic Records can give you invaluable clarity on questions you may have about your soul’s purpose and journey. 


Accessing the Akashic Records

Everyone has access to the Akashic Records, but not everyone chooses to access them. One of the most common blocks to accessing the Akashic records is simply your ego getting in the way. But because they are a database of our souls, everyone has equal access, and anyone can learn to read them.

If you’re new to the Akashic Records, I recommend getting a reading done by someone else. Before I had someone else read my Records, it was unclear to me what it was like, but afterward it made my studies easier. When you work in the Akashic Records, it’s important to have a clear intention. When you get a reading, make sure you come prepared with a list of questions to ask, ideally not yes or no questions. Different readers will receive information from the Records in different ways, but the best questions will have depth. The Akashic Records allow us to go incredibly deep and understand ourselves in a whole new way.  

Understanding the Akashic Records can help you identify the trajectory of your soul, delve deeper into your creative processes, and learn about your past lives in order to make decisions for your current one.

In short, the Records contain ALL of the information that is relevant to your current life, past lives, and future. Whatever purpose you decide to use them for is up to you – but knowing about them and preparing to access them is the most important first step in your journey.


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