Why Brain Rewiring Beats New Year’s Resolutions

Brain Rewiring Over Resolutions

Can you believe 2021 is almost here?!

In just a few days, we’ll be entering into New Year’s Resolution season – when people all over the world start making pacts with themselves to lose the weight, make more money, stop complaining, or finally book that dream trip. 

But as most of us have probably experienced, many of these goals will have already fallen off-track by FEBRUARY – meaning these “resolutions” are probably not the most effective way of accomplishing our goals and getting what we really want. 

Don’t get me wrong – goal setting is NOT inherently a bad thing…I love setting goals and intentions. But there is a far more powerful way to call in what you want without writing out an exhaustive list of goals that have no concrete action steps attached – and then feeling stressed or guilty when you realize you’re behind. Even if you’ve tried manifesting instead of chasing resolutions, you could be missing this KEY ingredient to successfully calling in what you want.

The “magic” method I’m referring to is brain rewiring.

Brain rewiring involves identifying your limiting beliefs and shifting your subconscious thoughts so that you start AUTOMATICALLY vibing higher and manifesting what you want – no crazy lists, schedules, or constant guilt required!

This technique is a total game-changer for attracting what you want into your life (trust me, I’m speaking from experience!) – and I’m here to break it down into actionable steps so you can do the work and ditch the need for resolutions ASAP. 🙂

1. Tune in to your thoughts.

Our minds are constantly racing with thousands of thoughts at any given moment. However, most of us let them come and go without ACTUALLY paying attention to them – and without analyzing their roots and significance. When we think certain thoughts over and over again, our neurons form networks, and they become hard-wired into our brains as thought patterns. These thought patterns influence how we perceive ourselves and the world, and in turn, they affect our ability to successfully manifest what we want.

Paying attention to the positive or negative nature of your thoughts is extremely important for identifying the subconscious beliefs you want to shift out of. When a thought enters your mind, pay attention to how it actually makes you feel. Does it make your heart race? Does it bring you joy? Does your stomach twist into knots? The next time a thought makes you feel a negative emotion, sit with it for a moment and try to identify what is actually triggering it. Did a rough conversation or an event with a loved one trigger a negative thought about yourself, directly or indirectly? If so, why does it trigger you?

Once you’ve spent some time acknowledging your thought and where it’s coming from, ask yourself whether the thought actually makes sense. Is it irrational? How could you play devil’s advocate?

2. Identify resistance. 

It’s easy to catch ourselves in cyclical, irrational thought patterns that are actually limiting our growth. If you find yourself recycling the same old thoughts that are resistant to change or breakthroughs, you’re probably experiencing “blocks” – and these require some work to overcome! 

Whether we’re feeling blocked in job growth, personal growth, or growth in our relationships, these blocks could be stemming from limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are beliefs we have about ourselves or the world around us that are often over-simplified, black-and-white, or unfairly based on one situation or experience – and they can limit our ability to grow or see things as they truly are. If you’ve ever thought,  “I’m not smart enough,” “I could never make that kind of money,” or “I suck at relationships”, these are all limiting beliefs! We have to actually address these thoughts – and replace them – before any real positive change can happen.

3. Respond, don’t react. 

Once you identify your blocks and the thought patterns that don’t serve you, you regain a LOT of power. Recognizing limiting beliefs and blocks for what they are gives you the freedom to view things differently and to respond differently in situations that you may have had a negative reaction to before. 

When situations come up that trigger your negative thoughts or beliefs, take a deep breath and realize that you can decide how you react. You don’t have to continue staying stuck in these patterns – or immediately react to situations that may be difficult for you. Taking time to decide how to respond in a healthy, productive way is key to shifting into more positive, self-serving beliefs. How would you respond if you weren’t operating from the old programming that isn’t serving you anymore, but instead from new programming that supports your goals?

4. Create new patterns. 

The last – and most IMPORTANT – step in brain rewiring is creating new thought patterns to replace the old, outdated ones. This can be one of the most difficult steps in the process, so making the most of practices like journaling or repeating affirmations can help to solidify your new thoughts and make them habits. The most important part of this step is staying consistent, and continuing to shift your thoughts throughout the day. Forming a new habit requires repetition, so continuing to repeat these new, positive thoughts to yourself throughout the day and through journaling or meditation is the most effective way to hardwire new beliefs into your brain – and replace the old ones for good. 🙂 

Once you master your brain rewiring practice, just watch how quickly you can start MANIFESTING the things you want! It’s so much more freeing than constantly chasing a never-ending list of goals that require all of your mental energy and willpower. As your thoughts change for the better, so will your life. The universe will give you whatever you’re vibrating at the frequency of – so once you replace your outdated, negative thought patterns with ones that actually RAISE your vibration, good things will start to effortlessly flow your way – whether it’s better relationships, higher income, or healing your illness.

This practice is one of the most effective and powerful methods for shifting deep-rooted beliefs that have been ingrained in our minds for a long time – and it’s exactly why I’ve trained other coaches on how to use this technique with their clients to help them achieve maximum results!

I hope you take the time to follow these steps and set yourself up to successfully call in what you want in 2021! If you want to learn exactly how you can rewire your brain to amplify your manifestation practice, be sure to join my monthly membership HERE.

I can’t wait to see all of the amazing things you attract into your life in the coming year. 🙂


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