4 Methods to Help You Feel Present in Every Moment

4 Methods to Help You Feel Present in Every Moment

Today’s society is obsessed with being distracted – whether it’s always having a screen in front of our faces, pushing down our feelings, or simply distracting ourselves with thoughts (this often shows up as fixating on the past or worrying about the future). When we keep ourselves distracted all of the time, it’s no surprise that we can have trouble finding enjoyment and fulfillment in our day-to-day lives. Being able to experience the magic of life – and the key to manifesting what you want – lies in showing up fully and savoring every single moment. (Learn more about this in this podcast episode on Reality Hacks & How to Manifest in Every Moment!)

If you’re ready to live a more aligned and intentional life by being fully present, you can start by following these 4 simple methods:

1. Create a grounding morning practice.

The way you start your morning is SO important – it sets the tone for your entire day! Before allowing anyone else’s energy into your field (yes – this includes checking emails and social media notifications!), devote some time to getting grounded and setting the intention for your day. This can look like meditating, journaling, going on a walk in nature, or simply sitting in silence and breathing deeply for a few minutes – whatever helps you get out of your head, into your body, and into the present moment. By doing a simple practice like this each morning, you can reclaim your day, and you’ll probably feel less stressed about anything that pops up throughout the day.

2. Set boundaries with your time.

It’s hard to feel present when we’re constantly being interrupted by text alerts, email notifications, and background noise. The solution? Set boundaries with when you’re available to give your energy to others! Whether this looks like turning off push notifications on your phone or creating time blocks to focus solely on the task at hand, play around and find a system that works for you – you’ll probably notice that you feel much more focused and in flow.

3. Become aware of your emotions – and process them!

One of the most common things people distract themselves from is their emotions. When we try to ignore our feelings by pushing them down, they’re often still in the back of our minds. This can affect our mood and the way we carry ourselves throughout the day! Practice becoming aware of the moments when you feel your frequency lowering, and try to identify the thoughts and emotions that are responsible. Once you’re clear on why you’re feeling the way you are, it’s critical to move through it! (Check out this YouTube video on feeling low-frequency emotions and this blog post on how to shift your vibration.) When we actually get to the root and feel our emotions, we allow ourselves to fully move on from them and become more present.

4. Approach every moment with joy & creativity.

What if instead of dreading every task ahead of us for the day, we allowed ourselves to find joy in them? Rather than letting yourself be annoyed by the fact that you have to go grocery shopping, make it fun by looking for a new and exciting food you’d like to try. Next time you feel overwhelmed with a full inbox of emails to respond to, make it more enjoyable by playing your favorite high-vibe music and sipping on your favorite beverage at the same time. By approaching every single moment with creativity, we allow ourselves to enjoy our daily lives SO much more. Notice how time starts to fly by when you do this!

Have any other tips for becoming more present? Comment them below!

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