3 Tips for Connecting With Your Spirit Guides

3 Tips for Connecting With Your Spirit Guides


We all have spirit guides – interdimensional beings, galactic beings, loved ones who have passed away, or Ascended Masters that act as our guides and protectors – and they are open and ready to communicate with us! 

One of the most common questions my clients come to me with is how they can better connect with their guides. Opening a line of communication with our spirit guides allows us to build a relationship with them so we can more easily turn to them for guidance on what is in our highest alignment. (I dive even deeper into this topic on my podcast episode about Meeting Your Spirit Guides and in this YouTube video!)

So many people try to force or overthink communicating with their spirit guides that they don’t realize it’s actually doing the opposite of allowing their guides to come through. If we want to start receiving messages from our guides, it’s essential that we create the space, set the right intention, and outline clear expectations with them.

Today, I’m breaking this down into three simple tips to help you more easily connect with your spirit guides.

1. Create silence and open up space in your life. 

To put it simply, your spirit guides probably won’t come through if you don’t leave any room for them to. If every minute of your day is filled with meetings, calls, and to-dos, how are you supposed to have the time, space, and energy to connect with your guides? Like any relationship, you have to make room in your life for them! You can do this by setting aside time each day where you allow yourself to sit in silence or meditation, and open yourself up to receiving communication from your spirit guides. Slowing down and being in a quiet space is key – the more you get yourself into the energy of being and receiving, the more easily messages and communication from your guides can flow to you.

2. Give them clear permission.

One of the biggest mistakes I see my clients make is waiting to tell their spirit guides that they are ready and want to communicate with them. Don’t be shy – make it clear to your spirit guides that you are open to connecting with them, and affirm that you want to receive their messages! You can do this by “talking” to them in your head or out loud, or writing your message down in a journal. As long as you’re setting the intention that you’re ready to communicate, they will hear you. Many of us have set firm boundaries with our guides not to communicate with us in the past (and they respect these!) –  without even realizing it. Make it clear what your new expectations are and establish new boundaries if you need to!

3. Ask for signs. 

You might not receive communication from your guides as an audible voice right away (unless you’re super tapped into your clairaudience!), so start being open to the other ways messages from your guides can come through. (Check out this post for some common ways that your guides might be trying to communicate with you). 

One way to open the line of communication with your spirit guides is to ask for signs, like angel numbers (repetitive numbers that hold a special meaning, like 222 or 444) or to hear a line in a song that directly answers your question. You can also ask your guides for a certain visual or sign to confirm that you’re on the right path with making a decision in your life. For example, if you’re trying to decide whether or not to take a new job opportunity that was recently dropped on your lap, pick a symbol (like a lily) and ask your guides to show you one in the next 48 hours if you are meant to follow through. When you ask for a sign, it’s important to LET IT GO after you ask. Don’t go looking for the sign – it will come into your awareness if it’s meant to. Outlining clear guidelines for communication with your spirit team is essential for establishing a strong foundation with them – and the connection will only grow stronger the more you practice communicating!

I can’t wait to hear how these tips help you open up communication with your guides! Have any cool experiences receiving signs or messages from your guides? Comment them below – I’d love to hear. 🙂

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