In case you are wondering… yes, you have your own team of Spirit Guides, and yes, it’s possible to communicate with them—but like with any relationship, you have to nurture it. In today’s episode, Christina shares her own experience with her guides and walks you through how to meet yours, sharing her top tips for connecting with them!

In this episode of Christina The Channel:

  • 9:15 – The categories of Spirit Guides and their different forms
  • 13:05 – How Christina met her guides and experiencing one in physical form
  • 19:50 – Can your Spirit Guides change and who is on Christina’s team
  • 25:15 – Being open to the process of learning your guides’ names
  • 32:20 – The steps for connecting with your guides
  • 35:10 – How your guides may be communicating with you
  • 39:30 – Building a relationship with your team through consistency & boundaries

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Connect with Christina:

This show is produced by Soulfire Productions

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