Tiffany Paul is on a mission to restore the soul of humanity through the power of VISION. She is the host of the paradigm shifting podcast, “Highest Vision” reconnecting you back to your highest vision for life, while also inspiring daily action with her Instagram Live segments @thehighestvision every weekday. She is a former unfulfilled corporate employee turned serial entrepreneur and speaker, a starseed, revolutionary, mom of two angel babies and leader of the new earth.

Today on multidimensional:

  • 10:21 – From corporate life to entrepreneurship to losing everything
  • 16:02 – What it looks like to build from your soul & stay committed to your highest vision
  • 26:50 – How to cultivate an environment that will support you in reaching your highest vision
  • 34:51 – How Tiffany realized it was time to leave her marriage
  • 46:55 – How to decide if it’s time to leave the relationship & what happens if you don’t take the leap
  • 49:17 – The logistics of co-parenting and what it looks like to create any reality you want
  • 59:10 – Choosing to trust the universe – even when things don’t work out the way you wanted
  • 1:04:08 – Finding freedom through authenticity
  • 1:14:18 – Why showing up for your soul mission brings up so much resistance

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  • IG: @iamtiffanypaul
  • Podcast IG: @thehighestvision
  • TIkTok: @thehighestvision
  • Highest Vision Podcast
  • Text the word DREAM to 877-509-1272 for my FREE 45 minute Dream Life Masterclass designed to reconnect you to the Highest Vision on your heart

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