Today, Christina is unpacking ten ways to build your confidence, providing actionable steps that you can begin to implement right now.

In this episode of Wellness Realness:

  • 9:05 – Why you want to begin finding your own answers & limit asking for others opinions
  • 16:00 – Leaning into your strengths vs. spending time on your weaknesses
  • 25:10 – How creating boundaries benefits you and your relationships
  • 29:25 – Why it’s critical to start accepting compliments
  • 33:25 – How to begin changing your negative self-talk
  • 43:15 – The benefits of spending time alone & showing your true self
  • 50:38 – Being open to new perspectives and why being ‘wrong’ is okay
  • 55:17 – Ways shadow work and brain rewiring affect your confidence

This show is supported by:

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Connect with Christina:

This show is produced by Soulfire Productions

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