Today, Christina shares more about her bond and relationship with her Spirit Guides. Unfortunately, people don’t work with their Spirit Guides as much as they should because they often misunderstand how to communicate with them. In this episode, Christina sheds light on how you should be able to connect and develop a strong relationship with your Spirit Guides.

Today on Christina The Channel:

  •  1:40 – Blocks to manifesting and creating the reality you want to have
  •  4:20 – Mobilize your Spirit Guide
  •  8:00 – Allowing the energy of support in and receiving it
  • 10:00 – Balance of masculine and feminine energy
  • 11:25 – The power of believing
  • 13:00 – Unconditional love and support from Spirit Guides
  •  15:00 – Developing your relationship and connection with your Spirit Guides
  •  18:00 – Different ways your Spirit Guides communicate
  •  25:20 – Guides are in alignment with love, joy, fun, and creativity

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