Today, Christina channels her spirit babies. They tell us what they want us to know about the kids coming in, what they need, and specific things we can do to support them.

Today on Christina The Channel:

  • 7:23 – The reason so many relationships are changing & contracts are ending right now
  • 17:01 – Why the babies coming in are more particular than ever with the conditions of their birth
  • 16:19 – What Christina’s spirit babies want you to know about kids’ sensitivities & what they will need for their nutrition
  • 24:56 – How we can help kids share the important information that language is not expressing for them
  • 27:52 – How soul contract connections will be much stronger for the kids coming in
  • 33:52 – What you need to know about the gods, goddess, ascended masters, and creatives that are being reincarnated
  • 38:41 – How to support these kids to get to know themselves as multidimensional beings & understand their natural gifts
  • 44:19 – The bigger picture that the spirit babies want us to keep in mind

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