Ashley & Sarah Armstrong (the “strong sistas”) are two sisters passionate about sharing the carnivore way of life, regenerative agriculture, & all things health & fitness. Ashley is getting her PhD in Mechanical Engineering and will be defending at the end of 2020, and Sarah received her bachelors in Health Sciences & post grad studies in Integrative Nutrition. Together, Ashley & Sarah run ArmStrongSisters LLC, offering coaching & nutrition services to those interested in improving their health and/or physique. They’re currently working on a nose-to-tail cookbook with Dr. Paul Saladino which will be released early Summer 2020, and are developing numerous other resources for those interested in starting and optimizing the carnivore diet.

In this episode of Wellness Realness

  •  9:12 – Ashley and Sarah’s journey into health and wellness
  •  18:10 – Bonding through healing
  •  28:00 – Calorie counting to intuitive tracking to intuitive eating
  •  32:58 – Transition to Keto
  •  44:20 – Creating variety in the carnivore diet
  •  47:49 – Customizing the carnivore diet
  •  52:58 – Protein:Fat ratios
  • 56:29 – What is nose to tail
  • 1:01:22 – Climate and carnivore


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