Angie and Mike Lee are co-founders of Soul CBD, and a powerhouse dynamic brother-sister duo. Angie Lee, marketing expert and serial entrepreneur, and Mike Lee, world-ranked boxer, both fought their way to the top of their respective industries. Doing this did not come without a cost for either sibling. Both Angie and Mike have unique, powerful stories about their climb to the top, the struggles they have faced along the way, and the biohacks, mindset shifts, and daily practices that have helped them stay on top of the game throughout. Entrepreneur ranked Soul CBD the #1 Hottest CBD brand, and these two have an incredible amount to share about entrepreneurship, biohacking, and fighting for your dreams.

Today on Christina The Channel:

  • 9:45 – Using comedy and laughter as medicine to release pain
  • 16:00 – The why behind Angie being funny & Mike’s struggle with his identity
  • 21:40 – Mike’s autoimmune disease – not identifying with it and the modalities he uses instead of painkillers
  • 30:10 – Using visualization and feeling into your body to manifest
  • 37:35 – Angie and Mike’s non-negotiables for energy and feeling good
  • 46:45 – The power of choice & moving your body to get energy and inspiration
  • 55:20 – Pivoting during COVID and knowing how you want to serve people
  • 1:08:55 – The dynamic between Angie and Mike in their CBD business

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