Misdirected frustration is very common in business and relationships, and it takes radical self-honesty to get to the root of what’s truly going on. If you’re not aligned with happiness and feel like something is off in your life, it’s a signal that something needs to shift. Tune in with Christina to uncover your misdirected frustration!

Today on Christina The Channel:

  • 1:40 – Ways we misdirect frustration in our relationships
  • 5:40 – Examples of how misdirected frustration in business shows up in other areas of life
  • 11:30 – How unhealthy family dynamics can be the root of frustration and control issues
  • 17:50 – How misdirected frustration has played out in Christina’s life
  • 23:40 – Why people get triggered from personality assessments/tools
  • 33:20 – Questions to get to the root of your frustration


Connect with Christina:

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