Today is the day! It’s the official release for Christina’s book, “Manifestation Mastery.” In today’s episode, Christina channels how to listen to your soul versus your ego. She shares ways to differentiate between the two, practices for fine-tuning what each sounds and feels like, and why listening to your soul is your natural state — it’s learning to come home to it.

Today on Christina The Channel:

  • 1:00 – Christina’s official book release for “Manifestation Mastery”!
  • 14:50 – Moving from the energy of force to effortless flow
  • 21:20 – Exploring why you have a lack of trust in there being an easier path
  • 23:55 – How to know if your thoughts are from your soul vs. ego
  • 31:10 – Christina’s practice for differentiating between the voice of her soul vs. ego
  • 34:30 – Giving yourself judgement-free space for all thoughts to surface
  • 38:30 – Learning to trust yourself & following the desires of your soul
  • 47:40 – Spending time with your inner child to bring clarity

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This show is produced by Soulfire Productions

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