Christina is bringing you a life update with a Q&A on breakups and relationships by unpacking listener questions and sharing her own past relationship lessons. Christina also shares the progression of her upcoming book on love and relationships, and how she’s been pushed into big growth points during the process.

Today on Christina The Channel:

  • 2:30 – Update on Christina’s next channeled book on love and relationships
  • 7:30 – How Christina is living out lessons in her book
  • 16:30 – How you gain clarity & understanding after following your intuition
  • 23:00 – Ways to energetically move through a breakup & nourish yourself
  • 27:40 – Exploring your side of the relationship to integrate lessons
  • 36:40 – Christina’s past relationship lessons
  • 53:00 – Self-forgiveness and learning to trust herself again

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