In today’s energy update, Christina chats about her experience in Santa Fe, and shares messages that the guides want you to know right now. The Morrigan comes through to talk about death, transformation, and taking your power back.

Today on Christina The Channel:

  • 1:50 – The signs & synchronicities Christina has been experiencing in Santa Fe
  • 8:15 – How reconnecting with the energy of magic and miracles will unblock you
  • 22:55 – What The Morrigan wants us to know about resisting death & transformation
  • 29:45 – How the fear of death plays out in other areas of our lives
  • 34:55 – The Morrigan on how to build tolerance around the things you’re afraid of so you can take your power back
  • 38:25 – How going into your triggers & fears will unlock activation codes and bring clarity
  • 47:13 – What it looks like to access other timelines and have an extremely different experience of death
  • 54:00 – Tarot card reading: where are you breaking your own heart?
  • 1:07:28 – What the ancestors want you to know right now


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