Today, Christina shares messages from the guides about distraction energies and untangling timelines. The Taurean beings come through to tell us about the frequencies that are being transmitted to distract us.

Today on Christina The Channel:

  • 8:12 – What you need to know about distraction energies and understanding freedom in a new way
  • 11:07 – How distraction energy is forcing you to trust yourself above all else
  • 14:51 – The reason the timelines are in a giant knot and what you can do to untangle them
  • 26:19 – Card pull: learn to communicate your truth with love
  • 28:35 – Message from the Taurean beings
  • 34:08 – What the Taureans want you to know about the tangled timelines
  • 39:40 – What it looks like to pay attention to the energetic quality of the things in your life
  • 45:05 – Guided energy clearing to clear the static

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