In today’s channeled episode, the Lemurians have messages for us. They want us to know how we are being guided to learn to collaborate and work together so that we can heal ourselves and our planet.

Today on Christina The Channel:

  • 3:35 – Why you should trust your intuition if you’re feeling called to travel to a certain place or move
  • 11:24 – What the Lemurians want us to know about the reason your lifetimes in Lemuria and Atlantis are coming back online
  • 17:14 – The desires that will be unlocked when Lemurian codes are reactivated
  • 22:46 – How the fears from your lifetimes in Leumeria are showing up so that we can heal deep soul wounds and start to collaborate
  • 30:03 – The different ways that the Lemurians are communicating with you
  • 35:22 – The energies that are coming online to update and recalibrate how you move through the world


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