Today, Christina dives into some big updates – both in her biz and in her life! You won’t want to miss this very significant episode of the CTC podcast!

Today on Christina The Channel:

  • 5:02 – Big announcement: the death & rebirth of the podcast
  • 9:41 – What Christina is doing to clean up the house & close up the cycle
  • 13:26 – Sneak peek: your opportunity to meet the Oracle & Christina in-person!
  • 17:23 – All of the details on Christina’s next book launch
  • 22:07 – What’s being activated for Christina around her second birthday
  • 38:05 – The biggest lessons that Christina is learning through this process
  • 45:17 – What it looks like to be in relationships that allow you to step into the new version of yourself
  • 48:50 – The importance of honoring seasons in your life
  • 52:51 – Why so many people legally change their name
  • 57:24 – Creation energy & being in one thing at a time

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