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This week, Addie Martanovic from Chickpea in the City joins me to discuss overcoming grief and how you have to always expect the unexpected in life. Addie shares her story about losing her mom and aunt recently and how she never thought it would happen so early in her life, and so close together. Addie talks about how she copes with grief, maintains a positive attitude, and finds ways to keep pushing forward. We talk about how we learned that we can’t always plan ahead and how we have to roll with whatever life throws our way. We also discuss unhealthy ways to cope with grief and how you can avoid those. We explain how sometimes the worst events can actually turn into something positive, and you never know how life will turn out.

Make sure you read Addie’s blog post on expecting the unexpected, which you can find here. Make sure you follow her on Instagram (@chickpeainthecity) to catch all of her shenanigans.
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