In today’s solo episode, Christina fills you in on what she’s been up to, and takes you behind the scenes of all the exciting things she’s been working on.

Today on Christina The Channel:

  • 4:31 – Christina’s reflections on wrapping up a year of transition and entering into a year of abundance
  • 7:59 – The biggest things Christina learned about relationships this year
  • 11:55 – How coming back to her roots has allowed Christina to feel more like herself
  • 14:03 – Health habits: cutting out caffeine, adding in more protein, & using crystal technology
  • 19:57 – Doing things with aligned timing to expand time & be more productive
  • 23:01 – Exciting updates: readings are opening up & new group containers
  • 26:16 – Behind the scenes of creating qrtz products – coming soon!
  • 40:23 – The new astrology collab in the Channel Collective
  • 41:19 – What to expect from Christina’s next book – all about ascension & honoring your inner truth
  • 54:02 – What Christina has been learning about energetic techniques to heal the physical body
  • 55:26 – Big theme: you are a co-creator – remember the power of your intention

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