In today’s solo episode, Christina shares her top 5 tips for growing her business to help you from making the same mistakes! If you’re an entrepreneur, online health and wellness coach, building an online business, work with clients or run group programs, may these 5 insights provide clarity and direction for your growth.

In this weeks episode of Wellness Realness:

  • 6:20 – Overview of Christina’s history with business
  • 10:31 – Why you want to avoid working with multiple platforms
  • 13:30 – Knowing your ideal client
  • 17:05 – Finding your niche
  • 18:45 – Why you need to get clear on who you want to work with
  • 24:55 – The importance of building an email list
  • 31:45 – Investing in yourself and your business
  • 34:07 – The type of mentorship that’s helped Christina the most
  • 39:58 – Upleveling who is in your ecosystem
  • 43:55 – Boundaries, rest, and burnout


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This show is produced by Soulfire Productions

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