Monica is your period and human brain expert. For women, she has a strong focus on the subconscious brain, feminine, and the impact it has on your body. She works with science, energy, and the body to help you uncover all the answers for yourself so that you can step into your feminine energy and let go of your masculine armor.

For men, she guides them to heal from the toxic masculine culture to relieve you from emotional numbness. Monica’s coaching is next-level deep work. Prepare to cry, scream, and feel like the most whole and complete version of yourself. She will push you, hug you, and cry with you in ways that not many people can. Monica brings incredible value so that you can be the most aligned AF version of yourself.

In this episode of Wellness Realness:

  • 9:30 – Monica’s story with taking the birth control pill and losing her period
  • 17:37 – Top supplements for fixing your period and Monica’s food philosophy
  • 26:30 – How to know if you have a feminine core and moving from the masculine
  • 31:30 – Moving into the feminine: Monica’s process and the traumas she uncovered
  • 46:30 – Running your business in your feminine and how that relates to money
  • 54:20 – Steps to take to get more in touch with your feminine energy
  • 1:01:05 – How Monica approaches having a morning routine

This show is supported by:

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  • Ditch Your Acne | Visit and use code WELLNESSREALNESS for 15% off the course!


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