Monica Berg is an international speaker, spiritual thought leader, and Chief Communications Officer of the Kabbalah Centre. She is the author of “Fear is Not an Option” and “Rethink Love: 3 Steps to Being the One, Attracting the One, and Becoming One.” It’s for anyone who is in love, wants love, or wishes to rekindle love. Today’s conversation is all about conscious relationships, quality communication in relationships, and rethinking love.

In this episode of Wellness Realness:

  • 7:55 – What inspired Monica’s mindset shift around change
  • 9:50 – How having a child with a disability brought Monica & her husband closer
  • 12:10 – Monica’s process of tackling fear
  • 14:50 – Knowing who you are & what you believe before you enter a relationship
  • 15:28 – How Monica’s eating disorder helped her learn to love herself
  • 17:30 – Signs you need to connect more with yourself
  • 22:27 – Cinderella symptom and illusions
  • 27:07 – Compromise in relationships & our egos
  • 32:35 – Arguing and finding a style that works for your relationship
  • 36:40 – Friendship and appreciation in relationships
  • 41:30 – Sharing your history and past with each other
  • 44:15 – Differences in how men & women connect
  • 51:39 – The online dating space
  • 53:20 – Communicating sex with your partner
  • 57:47 – Soulmate relationships


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