Katharine is passionate about helping entrepreneurs connect the loose ends in their businesses; helping them implement processes and systems that allow them to focus on their passion, while the difficult parts of their business are taken care of, automated and running smoothly.

Katharine excels at seeing the full picture while honing in on what is important to create a successful outcome. With a broad range of expertise from event planning, and marketing to PR, over the last 16 years, her versatility has led to proven results over and over again.

Katharine is a native San Diegan and is an avid golfer, always striving to keep the vibes high and her scores low.

Today on multidimensional:

  • 12:18 – Work challenges, medical issues, & other things that happen when your spiritual gifts open up
  • 23:21 – Exactly what to do to tap into your gifts more
  • 35:43 – Everything you need to know about the Akashic Records
  • 42:33 – What it looks like to clear a karmic connection, even when it isn’t happening in the physical
  • 53:47 – How staying open to the unexpected helps you manifest more
  • 58:28 – Dating spiritual men & letting go of the checklist

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