Jennifer Longmore, founder of the premier training school for conscious entrepreneurs, is a global authority on soul purpose, conscious business, and the energy of money.  She is the acclaimed host of The 7-Figure Club podcast, a sought after media personality and speaker, and best selling author.  For almost 20 years she has conducted over 30,000 life-changing soul purpose sessions, including the whos-who of actors, professional athletes, CEOs of leading companies, and other influential luminaries, and trained 1000’s of souls in her programs from over 100 countries.

In this episode of Wellness Realness:

  • 12:49 – How childhood wounds & how we were parented can hold us back in business
  • 26:50 – What are the Akashic records and how they can serve you
  • 38:20 – How Jennifer accesses people’s Akashic records
  • 40:30 – Why the quality of our questions matter & what we should be asking right now
  • 57:00 – The spiritual lessons of this time
  • 1:04:40 – Why consider starting an online business & awareness of how we are being programmed
  • 1:18:50 – How to begin tapping into your intuition to receive messages

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