Founder, Managing Partner & Director at Celestial Group, Jennifer sits at the helm of a modern private equity firm driven by community and innovation. Leading the way in “lifestyle investing” for the impact-focused woman of today, Celestial is out to make merger & acquisition opportunities available, accessible and relatable to women across the globe.

In plain language: Celestial finds, vets, and acquires profitable cash-flowing businesses alongside their community of women. In their inner circles, they build affluence & influence to strengthen today and leave legacy for tomorrow.

Focused on decentralized solutions and diversity, Jennifer is a Forbes-featured entrepreneur deriving joy from funding people & planet focused initiatives on the basis of equality.

A seasoned 3x Founder, she is a sought-after speaker, advisor and consultant on futuristic business models and next-generation leadership addressing cultural distortion.

Today on Christina The Channel:

  • 12:35 – Get to know Jennifer
  • 19:30 – Financial sovereignty and freedom for the feminine safety needs
  • 29:55 – Importance of mentorship and influence
  • 35:40 – What triggered Jennifer to start Celestial
  • 38:45 – Disparity between what is accessible to the ultra-wealthy vs. the average person
  • 52:50 – The benefits of having a physical asset in business
  • 1:03:25 – Lifestyle investing and angel investing
  • 1:10:50 – Vision and interpretation of the new financial paradigm

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