Today’s episode is channeled from the Akashic records. Christina tunes in to see what the record keepers want us to know about navigating through the ascension process.

Today on Christina The Channel:

  • 4:06 – What it means when you keep hearing the same or similar messages multiple times
  • 6:50 – How to prepare for the emotional & uncomfortable parts of ascension
  • 9:58 – The gift of learning to live in surrender & detachment
  • 15:39 – How to make the ascension process easier: create space for yourself & consistently check in, so you can align with your soul’s desires
  • 25:04 – How uniqueness will become the new trend
  • 26:55 – Physical ascension symptoms & how to co-create with your body to support you in the ascension process
  • 39:42 – Tools to support physical, emotional, and energetic detox
  • 48:25 – Reminder: your mission is to live as your most authentic self
  • 55:56 – Becoming the most “you” possible: psychic senses getting sharper & spiritual gifts turning on
  • 1:01:01 – It’s time to shift your relationship with money so you can stop blaming money for everything
  • 1:06:36 – The most important piece of navigating ascension is connecting to source every day

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