Today, Lo joins the Oracle for a conversation about working with your emotions, the lessons we can learn from what happened in Atlantis, and closing karmic loops.

Today on multidimensional:

  • 8:40 – Working with your emotions & turning your feelings into your fuel
  • 14:35 – The parallels between mastering your emotions & mastering your psychic abilities
  • 20:22 – What it really looks like to go 100% into your feelings
  • 27:03 – Feeling safe to be fully expressed & the value of past emotions
  • 37:10 – The mermaids, animals, & non-physical beings that are trying to get your attention
  • 50:55 – Lessons from Atlantis and how we can choose differently
  • 1:03:53 – Doing energy work for the planet and the power of choosing love & connection

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